I wrote the book TWINS TRIVIA in 1997 and the book was published in the spring of 1998 with a lot of wonderful help from Robert B. Pile. I wrote the book so that everyone can be reminded of the rich history of the Minnesota Twins and the many interesting players that have played here and worn a Minnesota Twins uniform.

The book is 135 pages long and has 510 Twins trivia questions and answers. Some are easy, others are harder but all will bring back fond memories of Twins history and maybe even some personal memories that you saw at old Met stadium or at the Metrodome. Is that where you saw your first big league ball game? My first MLB game was the 1965 All-Star game at Met stadium, how is that for an introduction to America’s pastime? In addition, the book has some great old black and white pictures of a number of former players as well as both stadiums that the Twins have called home.

TWINS TRIVIA is now out of print and only available by mail. If you would still like a copy you can send me a check for $9.45 ($6.95 for the book and $2,50 for shipping) and I will get a new copy of the book out to you. Send your check for $9.45 to:

Twins Trivia
17635 3rd Avenue North
Plymouth, MN 55447



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  1. gary roland says:

    My name is Gary Roland and Jim Roland who pitched for the Twins from ’62-’67
    was my brother. As you may know, Jim died several years ago and I have been in
    the process of trying to obtain any audio or video of his tenure with the Twins.
    If you have any information, I would be most appreciative.
    Thank you.

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