Twins Hall of Fame

Twins hall of fame


Class of 2000 – inaugural class

Harmon Killebrew (Born – 6/29/1936 in Payette, Idaho –  Died – 5/17/2011) – played 1B, 3B, OF and 2B for the Senators/Twins for 21 seasons from 1954 – 1974.

Rod Carew (Born – 10/1/1945 in Gatun, Panama Canal Zone) – played 1B, 2B, 3B and OF for the Twins for 12 seasons from 1967 – 1978.

Tony Oliva (Born – 7/20/1938 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba) – played OF for the Twins for 15 seasons from 1962 – 1976.

Kent Hrbek (Born – 5/21/1960 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) – played 1B and 3B for the Twins for 14 seasons from 1981 – 1994.

Kirby Puckett (Born – 3/14/1960 in Chicago, Illinois –  Died – 3/6/2006) – played 2B, 3B and SS for the Twins for 12 seasons from 1984 – 1995.

Calvin Griffith (Born – 12/1/1911 in Montreal, Canada –  Died – 10/20/1999) – Senators and Twins team owner and president from 1955 – 1983.

Class of 2001

Herb Carneal (Born – 5/10/23 in Richmond, Virginia –  Died – 4/1/2007) – Twins radio broadcaster for 45 seasons from 1962 – 2006.

Jim Kaat (Born – 11/7/1938 in Zeeland, Michigan) – pitched for the Senators/Twins for 15 seasons from 1959 – 1973.

Class of 2002

Bert Blyleven (Born – 4/6/1951 in Zeist, Netherlands) – pitched for the Twins for 11 seasons from 1970 – 1976 and again from 1985 – 1988. Blyleven has been a TV color commentator for the Twins since 1996 and is famous for the “Circle me Bert” posters in the crowd.

Tom Kelly (Born – 8/15/1950 in Graceville, Minnesota) – managed the Twins to two World Championships (1987 and 1991) between 1986 – 2001. Kelly also played for the Twins in 1975.

Class of 2003

Bob Allison (Born – 7/11/1934 in Raytown, Missouri –  Died – 4/9/1995) – played OF and 1B for the Senators/Twins for 13 seasons from 1958 – 1970.

Bob Casey (Born – 4/11/1925 –  Died – 3/27/2005) – The first and only Twins public address announcer serving in that role for 44 years from 1961 to 2005 when he passed away.

Class of 2004

Earl Battey (Born – 1/5/1935 in Los Angeles, California) –  Died – 11/15/2003) – Was a Catcher for the Senators/Twins for 8 seasons between 1960 – 1967.

Class of 2005

Frank Viola (Born – 4/19/1960 in Hempstead, New York) – pitched for the Twins for 8 seasons from 1982 – 1991.

Carl Pohlad (Born – 8/23/1915 in Valley Junction, Iowa –  Died – 1/5/2009) – Twins team owner from 1984 – 2009.

Class of 2006

Zoilo Versalles (Born – 12/18/1939 in La Habana, Cuba –  Died – 6/9/1995) – Was a SS for the Senators/Twins for 9 seasons between 1959 – 1967.

Class of 2007

Gary Gaetti (Born – 8/19/1958 in Centralia, Illinois) – played 3B, SS, OF and 1B for the Twins for 10 seasons from 1981 – 1990.

Jim Rantz with Tony Oliva

Jim Rantz (Born – 2/24/1938 in St. Paul, Minnesota) – has worked for the Twins in public relations and player development since 1965. Rantz retired after the 2012 season.

Class of 2008

Rick Aguilera  (Born – 12/31/1938 in San Gabriel, California) –  Pitched for the Twins for 11 seasons between 1989 to 1999.

Class of 2009

Brad Radke (Born – 10/27/1972 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin) –  Pitched for the Twins for 12 seasons between 1995 to 2006.

Stan Naccarato and Bob Alessandro look on as Baseball Tacoma Inc President Jimmy Zarelli inks a working agreement with the Minnesota Twins’ George Brophy.

George Brophy (Born – 9/15/1926 in Minneapolis, Minnesota – Died 11/20/1998) –  Served in the Twins front office from 1961 to 1985.

Class of 2010

Greg Gagne (Born – 11/12/1961 in Fall River, Massachusetts) –  played SS, OF, 2B, and 3B for the Twins for 10 seasons between 1983 to 1992.

Class of 2011

Jim Perry (Born – 1o/30/1935 in Williamston, North Carolina) –  pitched for the Twins for 10 seasons between 1963 – 1972.

Class of 2012

Camilo Pascual (Born – 1/20/1934 in La Habana, Cuba) – pitched for the Senators/Twins for 13 seasons between 1954 – 1966.

Class of 2013

Eddie Guardado

Eddie Guardado (Born in Stockton, California on October 2, 1970) – pitched for the Twins from 1993-2003 and again in 2008.

Tom Mee

Tom Mee (Born in St. Paul, Minnesota on July 12, 1928) is regarded as the Twins first hire back in 1960. Mee held a variety of positions but served as Media Relations Director for 30 years before retiring in 1991.

Class of 2014

Chuck Knoblauch (Born in Houston, Texas on July 7, 1968) – played 2B and a few games at SS for the Twins for seven seasons between 1991 and 1997 was scheduled for induction in to the Twins Hall of Fame on August 23, 2014. However, another brush with the law in late July 2014 forced the Twins to cancel plans to add him to their HOF. There will be no inductee into the Twins HOF in 2014. Knoblauch is the first and only player to be elected to the Twins Hall of Fame but not inducted.

Class of 2015

The Twins announced that nobody was elected to the Twins’ Hall of Fame this season, the first time that’s happened since the honor was created in 2000. A panel of 66 executives and media members failed to give 60 percent support to any former player. In addition, a 19-member veterans’ group of players, executives and players failed to select an off-the-field honoree.

Class of 2016

Torii HunterTorii Hunter (Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on July 18, 1975) played 19 years in the major
leagues, including 12 seasons with the Twins from 1997-2007 and again in 2015 as an outfielder.

John Gordon John Gordon (Born in Detroit, Michigan on July 7, 1940) joined the Twins in 1987 and spent 25 seasons as the Twins Radio play-by-play voice. The Detroit native, called both the Twins 1987 and 1991 World Championships and is widely known by Twins fans for his “Touch ‘Em All” home run call, specifically Kirby Puckett’s walk-off homer in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series.

Class of 2017

Michael Cuddyer (was born in Norfolk, Virginia on March 29, 1979) played in the major leagues for 15 years between 2001-2015 spending 2001-2011 in a Minnesota Twins uniform. Cuddyer played for the Colorado Rockies form 2012-2014 and spent his final 2015 season with the New York Mets.

Andy MacPhail (was born on April 5, 1953) and served as the Minnesota Twins GM from 1985-1994. Under his leadership the Minnesota Twins were World Champions in 1987 and in 1991.

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  2. steve somers says:

    Camilo Pascual and Halsey Hall deserve to be in the twins hall of fame

    • jjswol says:

      Hey Steve, I agree and Camilo is in, he was inducted in 2012. Halsey Hall deserves a spot too, one of the real characters in Minnesota Twins history.

  3. Jim hoffmann says:

    Just wondering if Rich Rollins, Jim “Mudcat” Grant, Cesar Tovar, Sam Mele or Halsey Hall had any consideration?

    • jjswol says:

      I know that a lot of people would like to see Tovar get in. Grant is on the list of candidates but I can’t remember if Rollins, Mele, or Hall have been on the list to be voted in or not.

  4. Bruce knowlan says:

    How can Dan gladden not be in MN twins hall of fame. I thought it was about winning

    • jjswol says:

      It is more than just being on a winning team. It is also about the numbers and intangibles. Having said that, it is more of a popularity thing. He will get in soon I think. Thanks for the comment Bruce.

  5. Jerry Jorgensen says:

    I can only hope that with his recently announced retirement, Joe Nathan should be a lock. And I agree, Dan Gladden was a HUGE part of the attitude that brought the Twins two championships! What about Johann Santana?

    • jjswol says:

      I would think Johan will be voted in soon. I don’t know if you have ever voted but fans votes count for a portion of the process. The voting usually starts I think in December and they announce the players voted in if any during TwinsFest I think.

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