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LibraryI have read numerous books about the Minnesota Twins organization and their players over the years not to mention having many of these books in my personal library. That got me to wondering how many books are out there about the boys of summer from Minnesota. So after a little research here is what I have come up with, I am sure I have missed some.  There are over 90 books on this list, not bad for a team that has been around for only 56 years. If you know of others not on this list, please let me know.

Click on the book cover to get additional information about the book and where you might be able to acquire it. Many of these books are out of print and you may only be able to acquire used copies. Don’t forget about your local library, they have lots of these books for you to read free of charge.


Written by yours truly and published back in 1998

Written in 2016 by Jim Bruton

Written in 1996 by Bill Gutman (children’s book ages 9-12)

By Ray Crump as told to Ray Crump Jr. in 1993


Written in 2002 by Ross Bernstein

Twins book 97

Written by John Domenick in 2016

Twins book 9

A SABR book edited by Gregory H. Wolf and written by numerous authors in 2015

Twins book 96

Written by Bill Pennington in 2015

Twins Bbok 1

Written by Stew Thornley in 2014

Twins book 2

Written by Dennis Brackin and Patrick Reusse in 2010

Twins book 3

Written by Kent Hrbek in 2013

Twins book 4

 Written by Tim Wendel in 2014

Twins book 5Written by Steve Berg in 2010

Twins book 6

Written by Naran Aryat (children’s book)

 Twins book 7Written by Jim Thielman in 2005

Twins book 8

Written by Brad Epstein in 2011 – (children’s book)

Twins book 10

 Written by Stew Thornley in 2006

Twins book 87

Written by Steve Bucci, Dave Brown, Jamie Moyer in 2011

Twins book 11

Written by Steve Aschburner

Twins book 12

Written by Clyde Doepner and Stew Thornley in 2015

 Twins book 13Written by Thom Henninger in 2015

Twins book 14

Written by Kent Hrbek and Dennis Brackin

Twins book 75

Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins 1952-1986 cards.

Twins book 15Written by Bill Shannon in 1989

Twins book 90

Written by Jerry Kindall and John Winkin in 1999

Twins book 16

Written by Dave Wright in 2010

Twins book 17

Written by Steve Aschburner in 2012

Twins book 83

Written by Dave Winfield in 1988

 Twins book 18Written by Alex Halsted in 2011

Twins book 73

Written by Rod Carew and Rod Berkow in 1979

Twins book 19

Written by the Minneapolis Star Tribune in 2010

Twins book 20

Written by Alan Ross in 2006

 Twins book 21Written by Jerry Carpenter and Steve Dimeglio in 1988

Twins book 22

Written by Jim Hoey in 2010

Twins book 23

Written by Christy W. Sauro Jr. in 2006

Twins book 25

 Written by Kirby Puckett in 1993

Twins book 77

“Harmon Killebrew Story” by Hal Butler in 1966

Twins book 79

 Written by Dr. Wayne J. Anderson in 1971

Twins book 28

Written by Gary Fox in 1993 (Comic book)

Twins book 29

Written by Herb Carneal with Stew Thornley in 1995

Twins book 94

Written by Luis Tiant and Joe Fitzgerald in 1975

Twins book 30

Written by Stew Thornley in 1991

Twins book 31Written by Doug Grow in 2010

Twins book 32

 Written by Jim Kaat and Phil Pepe in 2003

Twins book 33

Written by Hal Butler in 1967

Twins book 34Written by James Terzian in 1967

Twins book 35

Written by Bob Showers in 2009

Twins book 36

Written by Tony Oliva in 1973

Twins book 37

Written by Jack Clary in 1987

Twins book 84

Written by Gene Schoor in 1982

Twins book 38

Written by John Snyder in 2010

Twins book 71

Written by Robert Martin Halverson in 2002 (fiction)

Twins book 39

 Edited by Stew Thornley in 2009

Twins book 40

Written by Tom Kelly and Ted Robinson in 1992

Twins book 41

Written by by Jim “Mudcat” Grant, Tom Sabellico, and Pat O’Brien in 2007

Twins book 42

Written by Jon Kerr in 1990

Twins book 43

 Written by Al Worthington in 2004

E-6: The Diary of a Major League Shortstop written by Danny Thompson and Bob Fowler in 1975

Twins book 45

Written by Rad Carew and Ira Berkow in 1979

Twins book 46

 Written by Mark Stewart in 2012

Twins book 47

Written by Kirby Puckett and Carlson Chuck in 1997

Twins book 48

Written by Joe Bissen in 2011

Twins book 49

Written by Aaron Frisch in 2009

Twins book 50

 Written by Minnesota Twins players, players wives and staff in 1994

Twins book 51

Written by Dave Mona in 1986

Twins book 52Written by Brian Howell in 2011

image coming soon

Minnesota Twins” by Bob Hinz written in 1982 (children’s book)

Twins book 54

Written by Richard Rambeck in 1998 (children’s book)

Twins book 55

 Written by K C Kelley in 2010

Twins book 56

Written by Ms. Sara Gilbert in 2013 (children’s book)

Twins book 57

 Written by Sloan MacRae in 2011 (children’s book)

Twins book 58

Written by Bill Morlock in 1979

Twins book 59

“Kirby Puckett” by Revolutionary (comic book)

Twins book 82

Written by Peter Golenbock

Twins book 60

Written by  Rachel A. Koestler-Grack in 2009

 Twins book 61Written by David Ortiz and Tony Massarotti in 2007

Twins book 62

Written by Annie E. Wilson in 2011

Twins book 63

Written by Bill Gutman, Dave Weiner, and Tony Seidl in 1991

 Twins book 64Written by Minnesota Twins players wives in 2005 (children’s book)

Twins book 65

Written by Carroll Conklin in 2013

Twins book 66

 Written by Dean Urdahl in 2001

Twins book 80

Minnesota Twins: The Big Book of Activities (Hawk’s Nest Activity Books) for children to be released in April 2016 by Peg Connery-Boyd

Twins book 67

Written by Bill Pennington in 2015

Twins book 68

Written by Cameron Silver in 2009 (children’s book)

Hits, Hankies, and Homers: The Story of the Minnesota Twins by Stew Thornley in 2000

(children’s book) 

Twins book 92

Written by Graig Nettles and Peter Golenbock in 1984

Twins book 69

Written by (now Senator) Amy Klobuchar in 1986

Twins book 70

Written by Dave Mona in 1982

Twins book 72

 Written by Rod Carew, Frank Pace, and Armen Keteyian in 2012

Twins book 74

 Written by Stew Thornley in 2014

Twins book 76

Written by Aaron Frisch in 2003

Twins book 81

Written by Billy Martin in 1987

Twins book 85

Written by the St. Paul Pioneer Press in 1993

Twins book 86

Written by John Rosengren in 2014

Twins book 88

Written by Rick Swaine in 2004

Twins book 89

 Written by Mel Proctor in 2015

Twins book 91

Written by Joe Niekro and Phil Niekro in 1988

Twins book 95

Written by Stuart Broomer in 1994

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  1. Mariam says:

    Great job, John! As a librarian and Twins’ fan, I appreciate the work that went into this. I own only a handful of these titles and (being outside the Twin Cities market) have seen only a few more.

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