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Sorry for the delay in getting these November trivia questions out here. Do you think you know your Minnesota Twins trivia? Give these questions a try and you might be this month’s winner. This month’s winners get no prize, just the bragging rights for knowing his/her Minnesota Twins history. Everyone that answers this months questions correctly will get his name listed here, so send in your correct answers to us in an e-mail at jjswol@twinstrivia.comGood Luck!


November trivia questions

1. What two Twins players were high school teammates in Deshler, Ohio before again becoming teammates for the Twins?

2. What Twins pitcher holds the team record for most groundball double plays induced in a single season with 38?

3. Name two pitchers that won 20 or more games in a single season for the Twins and also won 20 or more games in a season for a National League team.

4. Four one-time Twins pitchers lost 20 or more games in a season for other teams, name the pitcher and the team they lost 20 games for?

5. The Twins have had 4 lefties win 20 or more games, the Washington Senators have had 21 pitchers win 20 games or more in a season between 1901 and 1960, how many of them were lefties?




Previous months questions and answers

1. We will start you off with an easy one. What Twins pitcher holds the major league record for most home runs given up in a single season and how many did he give up? Bert Blyleven gave up 50 in 1986

2. A bit more difficult. Name the first Twins switch-hitter to bat in a game. Pitcher Pedro Ramos in the first game the Twins ever played.

3. This one-time Twins pitcher won over 250 games, pitched in the big leagues for 18 seasons and in 6 of those seasons led the league in wild pitches, who was he? I believe he holds the AL record for wild pitches. Jack Morris

4. In my 12 years with the Twins I only hit a total of 74 home runs but 4 of them were grand slams and in one season I hit 3 grand slams, do you know who I am? Rod Carew

5. Of course the last one is the toughest of all. The Twins are credited with being the first team in baseball to measure length of home runs, what year did they start to do this? 1963




Twins Crossword Puzzles

Once you have brough the puzzle up and are ready to print the puzzle, do a right-click with your mouse and you might want to do a print preview first to get the puzzle the right size to fit on a single page. The clues for the puzzle will print on page 2.

If you are interested in having me create a unique Twins Trivia puzzle for your special event, drop me a line at and we can discuss what you are looking for and what the cost might be. Thanks!

Twins Puzzle 1          Twins puzzle 1 answers

Know your Twins pitchers puzzle          Know your Twins pitchers puzzle answers

Twins outfielders puzzle          Twins outfielders puzzle answers

1965 All-Star game puzzle            1965 All-Star game puzzle answers

8 Responses to Twins Trivia Questions

  1. Mariam Touba says:

    Since you didn’t have winners, I’ll take a stab, but I had to look a couple up:

    1. True
    2. Jack Morris
    3. Cal Ermer
    4. Howard Fox
    5. Johnny Sain

  2. Brent says:

    Can someone find out the last no-hitter that Joe ever caught? It doesn’t have to be major league. (i.e. Cretin, Air Frieght, A, AA, AAA) I am curious. Liriano pitched a no no, but Mauer was out that day.

    Please reply.

  3. Brian Stavig says:

    I have a two good trivia questions. You probably have already used them: ‘Who hit the most home runs in the ’60’s? Who was the first black man to win 20 games in the AL?
    Here is another trivia question- Who has the highest lifetime batting average, with more than 25 at- bats?

    • jjswol says:

      Brian, thank you for your note. The most home runs hit in the 60’s was Harmon Killebrew. Mudcat Grant was the first black 20 game winner in the AL. As far as higest batting average is concerned, it would be Glenn Williams I believe if you are talking strictly with the Twins.

  4. Mark feinberg says:

    I’m a NY Mets fan (I feel your pain!), but love baseball in general & trivia…now that Ron Santo is in the hall of fame, isn’t it about time Tony Oliva gets in?

    • jjswol says:

      Mark, Thank you for stopping by and your comment about Tony O, I could not agree more. I just completed an interview with Eddie Bane (former Twins pitcher and now an assistant GM with the Red Sox) that I will be posting soon and here is what he had to say about Tony O.

      “By the way one additional thought on some of the old time baseball guys from the 60’s and 70’s. I have asked a lot of former Major League pitchers who the best hitter they ever faced was. Of the more then 20 pitchers I asked at least half of them said Tony Oliva. Tony never gets his due as far as the Hall of Fame goes, but those pitchers all remember that swing that I can still picture in my mind. Without those lousy knees that he had Tony O would certainly be a Hall of Fame player”.

      Stop by again. jjswol

  5. Mark says:

    we were looking at pictures of the 1987 victory parafe thru Minneaplis & St. Paul. Can any one tell me who was the person riding in the car with Tony Olica?

    • Fr. Stan Mader says:

      I’m almost sure that is his family. The woman looks like his wife, and his children would have been about that age.

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