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Duffey wins his fourth straight decision

Tyler Duffey 2015Tyler Duffey pitched seven scoreless innings and was the pitcher of decision in the Twins’ 8-1 victory over the Angels. Duffey absorbed a loss to the Blue Jays in his major-league debut on August 5, when he allowed two homers and six runs in a two-inning start. But he is 4-0 with a 2.06 ERA in seven starts since then, while allowing only one home run in 43.2 innings. Source: ELIAS

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Did you know?

Grey beardsOf the 15 remaining active Major Leaguers who were drafted in 1997 or earlier, four (LaTroy Hawkins, Torii Hunter, A.J. Pierzynski and Michael Cuddyer) were selected by the Minnesota Twins as Joel Sherman of the New York Post points out. That doesn’t include Kyle Lohse, who was drafted in 1996 by the Cubs but played his first several big-league seasons with Minnesota.

Joel Sherman article in New York Post

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Max Kepler deserves call-up in 2015

Max Kepler

Max Kepler

Twins 1B/OF Max Kepler deserves to be called up by the Minnesota Twins as soon as the Chattanooga Lookouts playoff run is completed. The 22 year-old Kepler is having a huge breakout season in his sixth year of pro ball. Kepler started the season playing a handful of games at Ft. Myers due to an injury but quickly was sent to Chattanooga where he has been a hitting machine and was selected as the Southern League MVP which is a league loaded with top prospects.

I know the Twins are in the chase for a wildcard spot but they need to call Kepler up to Minnesota where he can get a taste of big league life and be rewarded for his play this season. I know that first base and the outfield are crowded at Target Field but Kepler has earned his shot at putting on a Twins uniform and showing fans here in Minnesota another of their highly regarded prospects. Don’t let me down Mr. Ryan!

Kepler homers twice to even SL Final

Chattanooga Lookouts Even Southern League Championship Series

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This Day in Twins History – September 19, 2002

Mike RyanSeptember 19, 2002 – Twins rookie outfielder Mike Ryan gets 2 hits in the first inning of his major league debut in Comerica Park against the Detroit Tigers. In what was a nine-run first inning for Minnesota, Ryan singled in his first two big league at-bats, and drove in two runs. But the glow of the feat was short-lived when his hits and Minnesota’s 9-0 lead were wiped out when rain forced the game to be called before the top of the third inning. In his official debut the next day Ryan goes 0 for 4.

This is the kind of situation where a player could play in a major league game and if his career ended at that point he would never go down in baseball history as having played in a big league game, this doesn’t seem right to me. You have to wonder how many other times this has happened. You could tell your grand kids you played in the majors and their might be no proof.

Don’t forget to check out our Today in Twins History page daily to learn more about Twins history.


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The Twins longest games in terms of innings played

The Minnesota Twins have played a lot of games in the 55 years that they have called Minnesota home but only 33 of those games have gone 15 innings or longer. In those 33 games they have a 17-16 record. The three longest games that have lasted 20 inning or more have all been played at home, either at the Met or the Metrodome. I am sure you got your money’s worth if you attended any of those games.

The Twins longest road game was at Yankee Stadium back in 1976 and this might shock you I know but the Twins lost 5-4 on a walk-off single by Mickey Rivers. Just hearing the name Mickey Rivers brings back all kinds of memories, what a character he was.

Twins longest games by innings played

(The right-hand column tell you how long the game lasted in terms of minutes)

Rk Date Opp Rslt IP H R d I might ER BB SO HR UER Pit BF AB min.
1 1993-08-31 CLE W 5-4 22.0 16 4 2 7 8 0 2 288 85 76 377
2 1972-05-12 MIL L 3-4 22.0 13 4 4 8 13 0 0 86 76 347
3 1967-08-09 WSA L 7-9 20.0 14 9 9 6 16 2 0 79 69 340
4 1976-08-25 NYY L 4-5 18.2 16 5 5 7 5 1 0 73 64 326
5 2004-08-08 OAK L 5-6 18.0 16 6 6 3 13 0 0 251 71 67 297
6 1969-09-06 OAK W 8-6 18.0 16 6 2 6 12 1 4 78 69 317
7 1969-07-19 SEP W 11-7 18.0 20 7 6 4 9 1 1 82 76 341
8 1967-07-26 (2) NYY W 3-2 18.0 10 2 2 2 7 0 0 65 62 264
9 1976-08-28 CLE L 3-4 16.2 13 4 4 2 6 0 0 62 59 295
10 1969-04-09 KCR L 3-4 16.2 11 4 3 9 8 0 1 64 54 272
11 1995-05-07 CLE L 9-10 16.1 26 10 8 8 9 3 2 322 82 71 396
12 2009-07-03 DET L 9-11 16.0 17 11 11 2 12 2 0 218 69 63 307
13 2005-08-16 CHW W 9-4 16.0 12 4 4 4 12 1 0 204 63 58 309
14 1986-06-11 TEX L 2-6 16.0 16 6 6 8 7 1 0 66 57 272
15 1977-09-17 TEX L 4-5 16.0 12 5 3 6 10 2 2 65 55 312
16 1969-07-25 CLE W 4-2 16.0 8 2 2 2 14 1 0 57 55 266
17 1982-04-20 OAK L 3-4 15.2 14 4 4 6 10 0 0 66 57 303
18 1975-07-12 NYY L 7-8 15.2 18 8 8 7 7 1 0 70 61 311
19 2012-06-17 MIL W 5-4 15.0 15 4 4 5 7 1 0 250 66 61 290
20 2004-06-10 NYM W 3-2 15.0 8 2 2 5 13 1 0 231 59 51 246
21 2004-05-04 SEA L 3-4 15.0 13 4 4 7 14 1 0 245 65 55 288
22 2004-04-06 CLE W 7-6 15.0 12 6 6 4 10 1 0 223 59 55 300
23 2002-06-10 ATL W 6-5 15.0 11 5 5 5 6 1 0 209 58 52 263
24 1999-05-21 OAK W 2-1 15.0 8 1 1 8 9 0 0 225 59 51 295
25 1992-07-04 BAL W 3-2 15.0 12 2 2 8 8 0 0 250 64 54 280
26 1980-08-28 TOR W 7-5 15.0 13 5 5 7 9 1 0 60 51 264
27 1980-06-20 CLE L 3-4 15.0 14 4 4 8 6 1 0 63 55 268
28 1974-09-10 CHW W 8-7 15.0 19 7 6 1 9 1 1 62 60 247
29 1973-06-06 (1) CLE W 7-3 15.0 10 3 1 8 8 1 2 66 56 254
30 1972-06-06 BAL W 5-4 15.0 11 4 3 9 14 0 1 63 53 265
31 1972-05-13 MIL W 5-4 15.0 10 4 4 2 12 2 0 54 50 216
32 1964-09-29 KCA L 6-7 15.0 10 7 7 8 13 3 0 61 53 290
33 1961-05-22 CLE L 5-7 15.0 17 7 7 3 7 2 0 63 58 248
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 9/17/2015.


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Remebering 1965 – Part 22 – Versalles, World Series tickets, Mele

September 2 – Left Fielder Bob Allison strikes out five times in a 5-4 loss to the Tigers at Met Stadium. Allison is the only Twins batter to strike out five time in a nine inning game. Sandy Valdespino (1967), Bobby Darwin (1972), and Roy Smalley (1976) all struck out five times in extra inning games. Box score

September 14 – The Twins beat the Kansas City Athletics managed by Haywood Sullivan 4-3 at Met Stadium. Three KC pitchers walk eight Twins batters including five intentional walks, Tony Oliva (2), Don Mincher, Earl Battey and Jerry Kindall. Box score

As of September 15 the first place Twins are 94-54 after 148 games and 10 games up on the second place Baltimore Orioles and riding an eight game winning streak. Even though the Twins are just days away from clinching the AL pennant, their last two home games at the Met against the Kansas City Athletics have drawn a total of 19,105 fans.

Sporting News Sep 4, 1965 P12

Sporting News Sep 11, 1965 P9

 1965 twins 50th anniversary banner

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According to ELIAS

Escobar has found his power stroke

Eduardo Escobar 2015Eduardo Escobar homered in the Twins’ win over the White Sox last night, giving him seven homers in his last 22 games, dating back to August 20. Escobar had hit only 13 homers in 346 games in the major-leagues before his current hot stretch began.

Hunter’s been on target lately

Torii Hunter 2015Torii Hunter drove in his 70th run of the season in the first inning of the Twins win over the Tigers yesterday. Hunter and Adrian Gonzalez are the only major-league players to drive in at least 70 runs in each season since 2006, although Miguel Cabrera and Robinson Cano could soon join that group.

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According to ELIAS – David Ortiz hits number 500

David Ortiz joins 500 home run club

Ortiz, David 2015David Ortiz hit two home runs – the 499th and 500th of his major-league career – to lead the Red Sox to victory over the Rays at Tropicana Field yesterday. Ortiz became the 27th player in major-league history to hit 500 homers, and he’s the second of that group to hit his 499th and 500th home run in a single game. Albert Pujols did that on April 22, 2014 at Nationals Park, and just as Ortiz did on Saturday, Pujols hit his 499th in the top of the first inning and his 500th in the top of the fifth.

Ortiz is the fourth player to hit career home run #500 while wearing a Red Sox uniform, and like the previous three, Ortiz hit his milestone homer in a road game. The previous players to do so for Boston are Jimmie Foxx (at Philadelphia in 1940), Ted Williams (at Cleveland in 1960), and Manny Ramirez (at Baltimore in 2008).

David Ortiz David as David Arias 2Ortiz was originally signed by the Seattle Mariners as a free agent on November 28, 1992 and was traded to the Minnesota Twins as the PTBNL on September 13, 1996 to complete an earlier trade made on August 29, 1996 when the Twins sent Dave Hollins to Seattle. At the time David Ortiz was known as David Arias.Ortiz who became well-known as “Big Papi” spent six years in Minnesota playing in 455 games while hitting for a .266 average.

Ortiz had 1,693 plate appearances while in a Twins uniform and hit his first 58 of his 500 home runs as a Minnesota Twin. The Twins released the big first baseman on December 16, 2002 and Ortiz was signed by the Boston Red Sox as a free agent on January 22, 2003 and the rest is history. Why did the Twins release him you ask? The Twins said he couldn’t play first base, was too much of a pull hitter and couldn’t hit to right field…….

Congratulations to David Ortiz from Twins Trivia!

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Why the Minnesota Twins domain name is not

domainsI have often wondered why the Minnesota Twins domain name was not and up until a few weeks ago I had no idea. Then in late August Ben Lindbergh did a piece for that answered all my questions. It turns out that all but three MLB teams have a domain name you can reach just by using the teams nickname and adding the .com. The Giants, Rays and Twins are exceptions because the NFL Giants have and is a long time business that is not about to give up their domain name. however; sits there in essence vacant as you can see by going to .

According to the story the domain was registered in October of 1995 by its current owner’s Durland & Darvin Miller who themselves are real-time twins and have no interest in selling to MLB in spite of being offered some nice money. The article goes on to say that the owners reached out to the Twins but the team never really followed up and they would prefer to deal with the team directly rather than through MLB.

It is an interesting article and if you want to check it you can find it at The Website MLB Couldn’t Buy. Maybe I will see if I can acquire it.

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Remembering 1965 – Part 21 – Meet the Manager, Coaches & Players from 1965

The 1965 Minnesota Twins had 35 different players suit up and play ball wearing a Twins logo across their chest against the nine other members of the American league. Their manager, Sam Mele had four coaches at his disposal to help guide the team. Here are the images of the players and coaching staff that made up the 1965 American League champions. Team owner Calvin Griffith also served as the teams General Manager.

Just click on any player image to see a larger image

1965 Twins team picture

1965 Twins team picture

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According to ELIAS

Sano launches pinch-hit game-winning homer in 12th inning

Miguel Sanol 2015Miguel Sano is only the second rookie in the last 27 seasons (1989-2015) to hit a pinch-hit game-winning home run in the 12th inning or later. Prior to Sano, the most recent rookies to do that were Lyle Overbay (2003 Diamondbacks, 12th inning) and Mark Parent (1988 Padres, 16th inning), both against the Dodgers.

Sano’s manager, Hall-of-Famer Paul Molitor, had two-career game-winning RBI in the 12th inning–one on a single at Seattle in 1979, and one on a double off another Cooperstown inductee, Goose Gossage, in 1993–but he never had one later in a game than that.

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Plouffe has shot at setting a franchise GIDP record

Trevor Plouffe

Trevor Plouffe

With two more GIDP’s (ground in to double play) on his resume after last night’s loss to Kansas City, Twins third baseman Trevor Plouffe has the franchise record of 28 GIDP by Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew in 1970 well in his sights. Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett had 27 GIDP in 1991. With his pace of a GIDP once every five games, Plouffe should be able to set a new mark easily. Actually this list of Twins GIDP leaders has some pretty good hitters on it so Plouffe shouldn’t feel too bad. It is kind of an odd year for Plouffe from a GIDP perspective as he has 26 so far this season and in his five previous seasons combined be had only 38.

 Twins GIDP leaders

Rk Player GDP Year Age G PA AB R H HR RBI BA OBP
1 Harmon Killebrew 28 1970 34 157 665 527 96 143 41 113 .271 .411
2 Kirby Puckett 27 1991 31 152 661 611 92 195 15 89 .319 .352
3 Trevor Plouffe 26 2015 29 130 542 491 63 118 18 73 .240 .303
4 Michael Cuddyer 26 2010 31 157 675 609 93 165 14 81 .271 .336
5 Ron Coomer 25 2000 33 140 589 544 64 147 16 82 .270 .317
6 Gary Gaetti 25 1987 28 154 628 584 95 150 31 109 .257 .303
7 Joe Mauer 24 2006 23 140 608 521 86 181 13 84 .347 .429
8 Gary Ward 24 1983 29 157 676 623 76 173 19 88 .278 .326
9 Bobby Darwin 24 1972 29 145 562 513 48 137 22 80 .267 .326
10 Joe Mauer 23 2012 29 147 641 545 81 174 10 85 .319 .416
11 Torii Hunter 23 2004 28 138 569 520 79 141 23 81 .271 .330
12 Rod Carew 23 1971 25 147 632 577 88 177 2 48 .307 .356
13 Earl Battey 23 1964 29 131 471 405 33 110 12 52 .272 .348
14 Michael Cuddyer 22 2009 30 153 650 588 93 162 32 94 .276 .342
15 Marty Cordova 22 1999 29 124 488 425 62 121 14 70 .285 .365
16 Ron Coomer 22 1998 31 137 555 529 54 146 15 72 .276 .295
17 Gary Gaetti 22 1990 31 154 625 577 61 132 16 85 .229 .274
18 Bobby Darwin 22 1973 30 145 614 560 69 141 18 90 .252 .309
Provided by View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 9/9/2015.

UPDATE: By hitting into his 28th double play on October 1 against the Royals in his home park, Plouffe tied the Twins record which was held by Harmon Killebrew for 28 double plays in a season. Plouffe was the league leader in hitting into double plays in 2015.

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Remembering 1965 – Part 20 – Kindall, Merritt, Boswell, Battey and the All-Star game

When the dog days of August ended the Twins had a 7 1/2 game lead on the Chicago White Sox, were winning at a .616 clip and had a record of 84-50, 34 games above the .500 mark. The team was marching towards their first pennant in spite of all the injuries the team had encountered.

Sporting News Aug 21, 1965 P13

Sporting News Aug 28, 1965 P8

I thought that I would share some images that pertain to the 1965 All-Star game that was placed in Met Stadium on July 13, 1965. Box score

1965 All-Star game logo

1965 All-Star game logo

1965 All-Star game patch

1965 All-Star game patch

1965 All-Star game ticket

1965 All-Star game ticket

1965 All-Star program

1965 All-Star program

1965 All-Star game - l-r is Felix Mantilla, Roberto Clemente, Tony Oliva, Cookie Rojas, Juan Marichal, Zoilo Versalles, Vic Davalillo and Leo Cardenas

Latino’s in 1965 All-Star game – l-r is Felix Mantilla, Roberto Clemente, Tony Oliva, Cookie Rojas, Juan Marichal, Zoilo Versalles, Vic Davalillo and Leo Cardenas


1965 All-Star Game: Oliva relives his double, just not with Gibson

Much has changed since the 1965 All-Star Game in Minnesota

Remember when: Recap of the 1965 All-Star Game at Metropolitan Stadium

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Twins minor league player of the week

Brett Lee 2015Chattanooga (AA) left-handed pitcher Brett Lee is the Twins minor league Player of the Week. The 6’4″ 200 pound Lee made one start for the week, that coming last Sunday at Birmingham, pitching a 7.0-inning complete game shutout with two hits allowed, two walks and eight strikeouts, earning the win. Lee has made 21 starts between Chattanooga and Single-A Ft. Myers this season, going 7-7, 3.64 ERA (128.2 IP, 43 ER) with 40 walks and 64 strikeouts.

The soon to be 25 year-old Lee was the Pirates 40th round pick in 2009 and the Dodgers 33rd round selection in 2010 but chose not to sign. The Pensacola, Florida native then was drafted by the Twins in the 10th round of the 2011 First-Year Player Draft out of St. Petersburg College and signed for $150,000.

Twins Minor League Report 09062015

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According to ELIAS

Twins rookie is triple threat

Eddie Rosario

Eddie Rosario

Eddie Rosario‘s two-run triple in the ninth inning broke a 1-1 tie yesterday and the Twins went on to defeat the Astros, 3-2. Rosario, who made his big-league debut in May, has 11 triples in 99 games. Prior to Rosario, the most recent players to hit at least 11 triples through their first 100 major-league games were Juan Uribe (15, from 2001 to 2002) and Juan Samuel (12, from 1983 to 1984). Source: ELIAS

The last Twin with 11 triples was Cristian Guzman, who had 14 in 2003.

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Max Kepler is Southern League MVP

Max Kepler

Max Kepler

All of the Twins top prospects are not wearing a Twins uniform just yet, there are still more on the way. The Southern League announced yesterday that Chattanooga 1B/OF Max Kepler was the league MVP. “Max made a tremendous adjustment to his swing and stuck with it the whole season,” Lookouts hitting coach Chad Allen said. “He has been a pleasure to coach because of all the hard work he put in this year and definitely deserves this award.”

One of the Twins top prospects, the German born Kepler is on track to win the slash-line Triple Crown as the league leader in average (.327), on-base percentage (.415) and slugging percentage (.540). Kepler entered Thursday leading the Southern League with a .327 average and ranking among the top 10 also in hits (128), extra-base hits (53), total bases (211), runs scored (73), doubles (32), triples (12), RBI (69) and walks (60). He earned player of the week honors in May and June and was selected to the Futures Game and the Southern League All-Star Game. Kepler along with fellow Lookout’s outfielder Adam Walker II was also named to the Southern League post season All-Star team.

Adam Brett Walker II

Adam Brett Walker II

Walker who has hit a Southern League leading 30 home runs and has 103 RBI also led the Florida State League in home runs last season and was the league MVP. In 2013 he led the Midwest League in home runs. Walker will be reporting to the Twins AFL team when they begin play in October.

Max Kepler is on the Twins 40 man roster and once the Chattanooga Lookout’s finish their post season play, the chances are good that the Twins will call on Kepler to finish out the Twins 2015 season at Target Field and Twins fans will get a chance to see him play in Minnesota.

CONGRATULATIONS! to both Max and Adam on their great seasons.

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According to ELIAS

Quite a start for Sano

Miguel Sanol 2015Miguel Sano had three hits, including a game-tying homer in the seventh inning, to help the Twins defeat the White Sox, 8-6. Sano has recorded 52 hits in the first 50 games of his major-league career, including 14 homers and 13 doubles. The only other active players who recorded at least 50 hits in their first 50 major-league games with at least half of those hits going for extra bases are Jose Abreu (50 hits, 31 XBH) and Chris Davis (50 hits, 25 XBH). Sano is the first player in Twins/Senators history with such a start to his major-league career. Source: ELIAS

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This Day in Twins History – Twins longest game

Munoz, PedroAugust 31, 1993 – The Minnesota Twins finally win the longest game in their history when Pedro Munoz hits a walk-off home run to lead off the bottom of the 22nd inning to beat Jason Grimsley and the Cleveland Indians 5-4 in 22 innings after playing ball for 6 hours and 17 minutes at the Metrodome. Twins rookie RHP Brett Merriman picks up his first big league win in his seventh big league game. Sadly for Merriman, that win turned out to be the only game he would win in the big leagues. According to some reports, there were only about 1,500 fans in the stands when Munoz crossed the plate at 1:22 AM on 9/1. I was home and stayed up to watch the entire game on TV. Don’t forget to check out the pitch counts in the box score provided below.

Brett Merriman

Brett Merriman

Twins and Indians did not want to go home

Box Score

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According to ELIAS

Sano is “quickest” to a dozen homers for the Twins

Miguel Sanol 2015Miguel Sano‘s 12th career home run gave the Twins a 7-0 lead against Houston yesterday and they held on for a 7-5 victory. Sano, who has played only 49 games in the majors, is the first player ever to hit as many as a dozen homers in fewer than 50 games for the Senators/Twins. Sano broke the franchise record which was set by Chili Davis in 1991, when he hit 12 homers over his first 53 games for the Twins after they signed him as a free agent that January. Source:ELIAS

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Twins minor league player of the week

Jose Berrios 2015 2Rochester (AAA) right-handed pitcher Jose Berrios is the Twins minor league Player of the Week. Berrios who is just 21 years old started for the Red Wings on Wednesday at Syracuse, pitching 7.0 shutout innings with three hits allowed, one walk and 12 strikeouts, earning the win as he recorded consecutive double-digit strikeout totals. Berrios has combined to go 12-5, 2.95 ERA (155.1 IP, 51 ER) with 37 walks and 165 strikeouts in 25 starts between Chattanooga (AA) and Rochester. Baseball America ranked him Berrios the 19th best mid-season prospect in baseball in July.

Berrios fans 12 in another dominant outing

Berrios who is in his fourth year in the Twins organization has never had a losing season and 2013 was the only year that Berrios spent the entire summer with just one ball club. Twins fans in Minnesota can’t wait to see Berrios in a Twins uniform, maybe as early as this September but unfortunately Berrios is approaching his Twins imposed innings limit and we may have to wait until 2016.


Twins Minor League Report August 30, 2015


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According to ELIAS

Twins score just enough to halt Astros streak

Torii Hunter 2015Eduardo Nunez homered and drove in a run with a groundout, the Twins scored another run when Torii Hunter was hit by a bases-loaded pitch, and five pitchers combined to blank the Astros in a 3-0 victory. Hunter gets hit by a pitch with the bases full every seven years, the two previous times that it happened were in 2001 with the Twins and 2008 with the Angels.

Getting as many as three runs hasn’t been easy against the Houston pitching staff; in fact, the Twins were the first team to do it in the Astros’ last 10 games, although A.J. Hinch‘s squad has now lost three of those 10 games (the other two losses came by a 1-0 score). Source: ELIAS

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According to ELIAS

Sano with 38 RBI in 47 games

Miguel Sanol 2015Miguel Sano, who went 2-for-4 with one RBI in the Twins’ loss to the Rays yesterday has 38 RBI in 47 major-league games. Since the franchise moved to Minnesota in 1961, only one other player had that many runs batted in over his first 50 games with the team (not necessarily his first 50 major-league games). That was Kennys Vargas last season; Vargas also began his career with the Twins and drove in 38 runs over the first 50 games of his MLB career. Source: ELIAS

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E-Twins Dereck Rodriguez named APPY League Pitcher of the Year

Rodriguez, Dereck 2015 2Dereck Rodriguez, 23, was named the Appalachian League’s Pitcher of the Year after going 5-2 with a 2.65 ERA in 10 starts for Elizabethton. Rodriguez was selected by the Minnesota Twins as an outfielder in the sixth round (208 overall) of the 2011 First Year Player Draft out of Pace High School in Miami Gardens, Florida. Rodriguez, a right-hander played for Class A Cedar Rapids and Class A Advanced Fort Myers as an outfielder from 2011-2013. The 6-foot-1 starter was drafted by the Twins as an outfielder but made the career change to pitching after the 2013 season. . Rodriguez has 45 strikeouts and just 10 walks in 54 1/3 innings with the E-Twins this year. Dereck is the son of Major League All-Star catcher Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez who spent 21 years in the Major Leagues, won 13 Gold Gloves and was a 14-time All-Star.

E-Twins outfielder LaMonte Wade and reliever Kuo Hua Lo joined Rodrigez on the 2015 Appalachian League All-Star team.

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According to ELIAS

Escobar’s hot streak

Eduardo Escobar 2015Eduardo Escobar had his first multiple-homer game in the major leagues in the Twins’ win over the Rays last night and over his last seven games he’s knocked seven extra-base hits and scored eight runs. No other major-league shortstop has averaged an extra-base hit and a run scored per game over a seven-game span this season.

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According to ELIAS

Sano reaches a dozen homers

Miguel Sanol 2015

Marty Cordova in spring training getting ready for the 1996 season.

Marty Cordova in spring training getting ready for the 1996 season.

Miguel Sano hit a three-run home run in the first inning of the Twins’ 11-7 win at Tampa Bay. Sano has now hit 12 home runs in 45 major-league games. That’s the fewest games any player in franchise history has needed to reach a dozen big-league homers. The old record was 58 by Marty Cordova in 1995.

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Remembering 1965 – Part 19 – 50th anniversary celebration pictures and video

1965 twins 50th anniversary bannerThe Minnesota Twins hosted a 59th anniversary celebration on July 31 and August 1 for the 1965 American League champions. On July 31st the organization put on a “Championship Breakfast” that was attended by about 250 Twins fans and 11 players from the 1965 championship team that won a Twins record 102 games. Twins TV broadcaster Dick Bremer served as the master of ceremonies.

I was able to attend the breakfast which was held in the Metropolitan Club at Target Field and had a great time meeting other Twins fans and chatting briefly with some of the players. The cost of the breakfast was $75 for season ticket holders and $100 if you were not a Twins season ticket holder with the proceeds going to the Twins Community Fund.

There were 35 players that appeared in a Minnesota Twins uniform in 1965 and 20 of them were in town for the 50 year anniversary celebration. Bernie Allen, Jerry Fosnow, Jim “Mudcat” Grant, Jim Kaat, Jerry Kindall, Andy Kosco, Frank Kostro, Jim Merritt, Mel Nelson, Joe Nossek, Tony Oliva, Camilo Pascual, Jim Perry, Frank Quilici, Rich Reese, Garry Roggenburk, Rich Rollins, Dick Stigman, Sandy Valdespino, and Al Worthington. Coach Hal Naragon was also in attendance.

The ten player’s have passed on are Bob Allison, Earl Battey, Dave Boswell, Harmon Killebrew, Johnny Klippstein, Don Mincher, Cesar Tovar, Ted Uhlaender, Zoilo Versalles, and Jerry Zimmerman. RIP gentlemen and thank you for all the wonderful memories.

John Sevcik and Bill Pleis were unable to attend due to family health issues. Jimmie Hall also was invited but was not in attendance. Why he was not here is unclear, I saw some where that he was not able to change his schedule in time to attend and the other reason that has floated around for a long time is that Hall likes to stay close to home and that he is not a huge fan of the Twins organization due to some conflicts that have arisen in the past over medical claims. I have no idea why Dwight Siebler or Pete Cimino were not in attendance other than Siebler only appeared in seven games and Cimino only appeared in one game.As nored earlier, coach Hal Naragon was in attendance.

Manager Sam Mele who is 93 was not able to attend due to health concerns but he did make a short video that was played for the crowd. Coaches Billy Martin, Johnny Sain, and Jim Lemon have also passed on. Coach Hal Naragon as mentioned earlier was in attendance.

I took a few pictures at the championship breakfast that I will share with you here. Just click on the first thumbnail image to get started.

The Twins were kind enough to provide me with a group picture from the Saturday celebration. Clicking on the picture will enlarge it slightly.

BACK ROW L - R: Jim Merritt, Jerry Kindall, Dick Stigman, Rich Reese, Mel Nelson, Andy Kosco, Frank Kostro, Garry Roggenburk, Jerry Fosnow, Bernie Allen, Hal Naragon FRONT ROW L - R: Joe Nossek, Sandy Valdespino, Rich Rollins, Jim Perry, Camilo Pascual, Al Worthington, Frank Quilici, Jim Kaat, Jim "Mudcat" Grant, Tony Oliva

BACK ROW L – R: Jim Merritt, Jerry Kindall, Dick Stigman, Rich Reese, Mel Nelson, Andy Kosco, Frank Kostro, Garry Roggenburk, Jerry Fosnow, Bernie Allen, Hal Naragon
FRONT ROW L – R: Joe Nossek, Sandy Valdespino, Rich Rollins, Jim Perry, Camilo Pascual, Al Worthington, Frank Quilici, Jim Kaat, Jim “Mudcat” Grant, Tony Oliva


Charley Walters: Memories of 1965 still fresh for Twins great Jim Kaat

Fox Sports: 1965 Minnesota Twins reunion video (19 minutes)

Twins celebrate 1965 American League Champions video (several combined video’s about 30 minutes total)

KSTP Breaking News! Minnesota Twins clinch the 1965 AL pennant! 9/26/1965 radio aircheck

Another short 1965 reunion video


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According to ELIAS

Twins sweep their season series versus the Orioles

Twins-vs-OriolesThe Twins scored an unearned run in the 12th inning that stood up as the game-winner at Camden Yards after Trevor Plouffe knotted the game with a ninth-inning RBI single off Zach Britton. The Orioles had won their previous 77 home games in which they led in the ninth inning or later.

Minnesota completed a sweep of its seven-game season series against Baltimore and has won its last eight games versus the Orioles dating back to last season. That is the longest current winning streak by one American League team against another.

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Twins minor league player of the week

Dean, PatRochester (AAA) right-handed left-handed pitcher Pat Dean is the Twins minor league Player of the Week. Dean, 26, tossed a complete shutout allowing just six hits while striking out six in his only start last week versus Buffalo. He has tossed 15.1 consecutive scoreless innings for the Red Wings and has recorded four complete games on the season.

The Twins drafted Dean in the third round (102 overall) of the 2010 First-Year Player Draft out of Boston College and Dean signed for a reported $319,500. The Connecticut native is in his sixth season with Minnesota and has had a nice season as his 10-10 record with a 2.92 ERA indicates. Dean has started  24 games and he has completed 4 of his starts. Dean is not a strikeout pitcher as 92 KO’s in 152 innings indicates but he has great control (only 33 walks) and he keeps the ball in the ballpark as he has allowed only 10 round-trippers. The 26 year-old Dean is running out of time and it will be interesting to see if the Twins call him up in September.

Dean back on course

Twins Minor League Report 08232015

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According to ELIAS

Twins rally from seventh-inning deficit

Twins-vs-OriolesThe Twins scored two runs in the top of the seventh inning to take a 3-2 lead over the Orioles and held on to win by that score at Camden Yards. Minnesota, prior to that comeback, had been 1-26 (.037) on the road this season after trailing entering the seventh inning, which tied the Red Sox for the worst such record in the American League. Source: ELIAS

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According to ELIAS

Late comeback for Twins in Baltimore

Twins-vs-OriolesThe Twins trailed 3-1 after seven innings in Baltimore, but the Minnesota Twins scratched across three runs in the eighth to come away with the 4-3 victory. Entering Friday, the Twins had been 2-48 this season in games when trailing by multiple runs in the eighth inning or later, including 0-25 on the road. The Orioles meanwhile had been 48-0 this season when leading by two or more runs in the eighth inning or later. Baltimore had won its last 88 home games with a multi-run lead in the eighth inning or later.

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