Minnesota Twins and Washington Senator Nicknames

In the past, the term “nickname” meant something totally different then what it does today but the idea is still the same. In the past, nicknames were a descriptive name added to or replacing the actual name of a person, place, or thing, a familiar or shortened form of a proper name. Today; nicknames are more commonly used as an alternate name used to identify yourself in a chat room or maybe a shortcut for identifying a recipient in an e-mail address book. In yester-year it was highly likely that someone else gave you a nickname and today you pick your own nickname.

I don’t think there is any other sport that has nicknames as cool as baseball does. Granted, the nicknames today are not a plentiful or colorful as they were in the past but never the less they are still out there today. Some were created by baseball writers and broadcasters, some by the fans and some by teammates. They seem to be a dying art in today’s era, probably because today’s ballplayers take themselves way too seriously. Sure baseball is a business, but aren’t they really just playing a game? As I was out taking my daily walk in today, I thought that a list of Twins/Senators nicknames would make an interesting addition to this web site so here we go. I will start a list and if any of you out there know of others that I may have missed, just drop me a line and I will add it to the list. 

I found this great poem of all time great baseball nicknames on the internet by William “Sugar” Wallace and thought that you might enjoy it.

 Catfish, Mudcat, Ducky, Coot.
The Babe, The Barber, The Blade, The Brat.
Windy, Dummy, Gabby, Hoot.
Big Train, Big Six, Big Ed, Fat.
Greasy, Sandy, Muddy, Rocky.
Bunions, Twinkletoes, Footsie, The Hat.
Fuzzy, Dizzy, Buddy, Cocky.
The Bull, The Stork, The Weasle, The Cat.
Schoolboy, Sheriff,
Rajah, Duke,
General, Major,
Spaceman, Spook.
The Georgia Peach, The Fordham Flash,
The Flying Dutchman. Cot.
The People’s Cherce, The Blazer. Crash.
The Staten Island Scot.
Skeeter, Scooter,
Pepper, Duster,
Ebba, Bama, Boomer, Buster.
The Little Professor, The Iron Horse. Cap.
Iron Man, Iron Mike, Iron Hands. Hutch.
Jap, The Mad Russian, Irish, Swede. Nap.
Germany, Frenchy, Big Serb, Dutch,
Turk. Tuck, Tug, Twig.
Spider, Birdy, Rabbit, Pig.
Fat Jack, Black Jack, Zeke, Zack. Bloop.
Peanuts, Candy, Chewing Gum, Pop.
Chicken, Cracker, Hot Potato, Soup.
Ding, Bingo.
Three-Finger, No-Neck, The Knuck, The Lip.
Casey, Gavvy, Pumpsie, Zim.
Flit, Bad Henry. Fat Freddie, Flip.
Jolly Cholly, Sunny Jim.
Shag, Schnozz,
King Kong, Klu.
Boog, Buzz,
Boots, Bump, Boo.
King Carl, The Count. The Rope, The Whip.
Wee Willie, Wild Bill, Gloomy Gus. Cy.
Bobo, Bombo, Bozo. Skip.
Coco, Kiki, Yo-yo. Pie.
Dinty, Dooley,
Tuffy, Snuffy,
Stubby, Dazzy,
Daffy, Duffy.
Baby Doll, Angel Sleeves, Pep, Sliding Billy,
Buttercup, Bollicky, Boileryard, Juice.
Colby Jack, Dauntless Dave, Cheese,
Gentle Willie,
Trolley Line, Wagon Tongue, Rough,
What’s the Use.
Poosh ‘Em Up,
Skoonj, Slats, Ski.
Ding Dong,
Dim Dom, Dee.
Famous Amos. Rosy, Rusty.
Handsome Ransom. Home Run, Huck.
Rapid Robert. Cactus, Dusty.
Rowdy Richard. Hot Rod, Truck.
Jo-Jo, Jumping Joe,
Little Looie,
Muggsy, Moe.
Old Folks, Old Pard, Oom Paul. Yaz.
Cowboy, Indian Bob, Chief, Ozark Ike.
Rawhide, Reindeer Bill. Motormouth. Maz.
Pistol Pete, Jungle Jim, Wahoo Sam. Spike.
The Mad Hungarian.
Mickey, Minnie.
Kitten, Bunny.
Big Dan, Moose.
Jumbo, Pee Wee; Chubby, Skinny.
Little Poison.
Crow, Hawk, Goose.
Marvelous Marv.
Oisk, Oats, Tookie.
Vinegar Bend.
Suds, Hooks, Hug.
Hammerin’ Hank.
Cooch, Cod, Cookie.
Harry the Horse.
Speed, Stretch, Slug.
The Splendid Splinter. Pruschka. Sparky.
Chico, Choo Choo, Cha-Cha, Chub.
Dr. Strangeglove. Deacon. Arky.
Abba Dabba. Supersub.
Bubbles, Dimples, Cuddles, Pinky.
Poison Ivy, Vulture, Stinky.
Jigger, Jabbo
Jolting Joe
Blue Moon
Boom Boom



Adam Joseph Achter – “A.J.”
Juan Agosto – “Disgusto”
Rick Aguilera – “Aggie”
Bob Allison – “Mr. America”
Joe Altobelli – “Foggy”
Garrrabrant Alyea – “Brant”
Fernando Arroyo – “Nando”
Keith Atherton – “Country”
Walter Backman – “Wally” or “Cabbage Patch” or “Finster”
Randy Bass – “Oak”
Earl Battey – “Smokey”
Don Baylor – “Groove” or “The Sneak Thief”
Rich Becker – “Mr. Personality”
Steve Bedrosian – “Bedrock”
Juan Berenguer – “Pancho Villa” or “Senor Smoke” or “El Gasolino”
Jose Berrios ‘ “The Machine” or “La Maquina”
Bill Bethea – “Spot”
Willaim Casey Blake – “Casey”
Robert Blackburn – “Nick” or “Blackie”
Henry Blanco – “Hank White” 
Clyde Bloomfield – “Bud”
Oscar Bluege – “Ossie”
Rik Aalbert Blyleven – “Bert” or “The Dutchman” or “Dutch Master”
Joe Bonikowski – “Bongo” 
Boof Bonser – “Boof” (legally changed name from John to Boof”
Paul Boris – “Bo or Lone Ranger”
Jeffrey Alan Boshers – “Buddy”
Lyman Bostock – “Jibberjabber”
Dave Boswell – “Boz”
Darrell Brandon – “Bucky”
Stephen Braun – “Steve” or “Braunie”
Ken Brett – “Kemer”
Darrell Brown – “Downtown”
Joseph Timothy Bruett – “J.T.”
Tom Brunansky – “Bruno”
Brian Buchanan – “Buck”
Terry Bulling – “Bud”
Byron Buxton – “Buck”
Orlando Cabrera – “The O.C.” or “O-Cab”
Bill Campbell – “Soup”
John Candelaria – “Candy Man”
Leonardo Cardenas – “Chico” or ” Leo” or “Mr. Automatic”
Rod Carew – “Sir Rodney” or “Junior”
Steve Carlton – “Lefty”
Bobby Castillo – “Babo”
Juan Castro – “Manos de Oro”
Wilmer Chance – “Dean”
Jon Thomas Chargois – “J.T.”
Rich Chiles – “T-Bomb”
Jack Collum – “Jackie” and “Half Collum”
Bartolo Colon – “Big Sexy and Big Bart”
Ron Coomer – “Coom-Dog”
Don Cooper – “Coop”
Alton Corbin – “Ray”
Tim Corcoran – “Spring Training”
Frankie Crosetti – “Crow”
Mike Cubbage – “Cubby”
Mike Cuddyer – “Cuddy”
Dagoberto Cueto – “Bert”
Arthur Bobby Lee Darwin “Bobby”
Mark Davidson – “Country”
Charles Theodore Davis – “Chili” or “Jamaican Sensation”
Ron Davis – “RD”
George Decker Jr. – “Joe”
John Rikard Dempsey – “Rick” or “Dipper”
Robert Allen Dickey – “R.A.”
Jim Donohue – “Bones”
Joseph Adam Durbin – “J.D.” or “The Real Deal”
Jim Dwyer – “Pig Pen”
Roger Erickson – “Pudge”
Scott Erickson – “Prince of Darkness”
Frank Eufemia – “Euf”
Eduardo Escobar – “El de la Pica”
Alvaro Espinoza – “Espy”
Sergio Ferrer – “Cucho”
Dan Ford – “Disco Danny”
Jon Lewis Ford – “Lew”
Jose Miguel Fornieles – “Mike”
John Arthur Fowler – “Art”
Brian Fuentes – “T-Rex”
Gary Gaetti – “The Rat” or “G-Man”
Greg Gagne – “Gags”
Rich Garces – “El Guapo”
Ron Gardenhire – “Gardy”
Billy Gardner – “Shotgun” or “Whitey” or “Slick” 
Dave Gassner – “Gas Man”
Clinton Daniel Gladden – “The Dazzle Man” or “The Man from Glad” or “Wrench” 
Carlos Gomez – “Go-Go”
Luis Gomez – “Louie”
Ruben Gomez – “El Divino Loco”
Bob Gorinski – “Shoedog” or “Igor”
Johnny Goryl – “Groucho”
Mauro Gozzo – “Goose”
John Gordon – “Gordo”
Johnathan Ryan Graham – “J.R.”
Jim Grant – “Mudcat”
Eddie Guardado – “Every Day Eddie”
Charles Guth – “Bucky”
Walter Hale – “Chip”
Jimmie Hall – “The Wedge”
Tommy Hall – “The Blade”
Bill Hands – “Froggy”
James Jerry Hardy –  “J.J.”
Michael Hatcher – “Mickey”
LaTroy Hawkins – “Hawk”
John Harold Haydel – “Hal”
Jacinto Hernandez – “Jackie”
Dave Hollins – “Head” or “Mikey”
Ralph Houk – “Major”
Kent Hrbek – “Herbie” or “T-Rex”
Orlando Hudson – “O-Dog”
Dustin Hughes – “Dusty”
Jim Hughes – “Blue Gill”
Randy Hundley – “Rebel”
Torii Hunter – “Spiderman” or “Spidey”
Robert Huskey – “Butch”
Enrique Izquierdo – “Hank”
Darrin Jackson – “D.J.”
Ron Jackson – “Papa Jack”
Lamar Jacobs – “Jake”
Alfonso Jimenez – “Houston”
Todd Jones – “Roller-Coaster” or “T.J.” 
Jim Kaat – “Kitty”
Harold Patrick Kelly – “Pat”
Jay Thomas Kelly – “Tom” or “T.K.”
Harmon Killebrew – “Killer”:
Jerry Kindall – “Slim”
Bob Kipper – “Round Tripper”
Tom Klawitter – “Klaw”
Edward Knoblauch – “Chuck” or “Skippy”
Jerry Koosman – “Cooz”
Cordel Koskie – “Corey”
Frank Kostro – “The Utilty Pole” 
John Kralick – “Jack” or “Jittery Jack”
Russell Kuntz – “Rusty”
Craig Kusick – “Mongo”
Ken Landreaux – “K.T.”
Attilio Harry Lavagetto – “Cookie”
Jim Lemon – “Covington Clouter”
Thaddeus Lepcio – “Ted”
Steve Lombardozzi – “Lombo”
Rick Lysander – “Innocent Lysander”
Andy MacPhail – “The Boy Wonder” or “The Whiz Kid”
Gordon Maltzberger – “Maltzy”
Charles Manuel – “Chuck” or “Cornbread Charlie”
Mike Marshall – “Iron Mike”
Alfred Martin – “Billy” or “Whiskey Slick” or “The Kid”
Felix Martinez – “Tippy”
Orlando Martinez – “Marty” or Baseball Marty”
Gene Mauch – “Skip” or “The Little General”
David McCarty – “Dave” or “Mr. Harvard”
Sabath Anthony Mele – “Sam”
Tim Melville – “Smellville” or “Woody”
Cristobal Mendoza ‘ Minnie”
Jim Merritt – “Bones”
Doug Mientkiewicz – “Eye Chart”
Abraham Miller – “Corky”
Ray Miller – “Rabbit”
Don Mincher – “Mule”
George Mitterwald – “Baron von Mitterwald”
Paul Molitor – “Molly” or “The Ignitor”
Ray Moore – “Farmer”
Jose Manuel Morales – “Shady”
Mike Morgan – “The Nomad”
Justin Morneau – “Paul Bunyan” or “Dr. Neau”
John Scott Morris – “Jack” or “Black Jack”
Pedro Munoz – “Petey”
Charles Nash – “Cotton”
Mel Nelson – “Nellie”
Graig Nettles – “Puff”
Carlos Nolasco – “Ricky”
Willie Norwood – “Stoneglove”
Alex Ochoa – “The Cuban Missile”  
Jack O’Conner – “Oak”
Tony Oliva – “Tony-O”
Gregg Olson – “Otter”
Adalberto Ortiz – “Junior”
David Ortiz – “Papi” or “Cookie Monster”
John Pacella – “Stacks”
Mike Pagliarulo – “Pags”
Camilo Pascual – “Little Potato”
Anthony John Pierzynski – “A.J.”
Bill Pleis – “Shorty”  
Jorge Polanco – “Chulo” (translates to Pretty Boy)
Sidney Ponson – “Sir Shrek”
Mark Portugal – “Porch”  
Paul Powell – “P.R.”
Kirby Puckett – “Puck”
Frank Quilici – “Guido”
Pedro Ramos – “Pistol Pete”
Bobby Randall – “B.R.”
Jeff Reardon – “The Terminator” or “Equalizer” or “Yak Yak”
Pete Redfern – “Red”
Mark Redman – “Big Red”
Rich Reese – “Peewee”
Warren Renick – “Rick”
Dennys Reyes “The Big Sweat”
Bill Rigney – “Specs” or “The Cricket” or “Captain Hook”
Jesus Manuel Rivera – “Bombo”
Sherrard Robertson – “Sherry”
Robert LeRoy Rodgers – “Buck”
Kenny Rogers – “The Gambler”
Rich Rollins – “Red”
Juan Carlos Romero – “J.C.”
John Roseboro – “Johnny” or “Gabby”
Ken Sanders – “Daffy” or “Bulldog”
Miguel Sano – “”Boqueton” (translates to Big Mouth)
Johan Santana – “Jo-Jo” or “Cytana”
Guerrant McCurdy Scarce – “Mac”
Al Schroll – “Bull”
Garland Shifflett – “Duck”
Ruben Sierra – “Big Rube” or “El Caballo” or “Ruben Slam-wich” or “Village Idiot”
Carlos Silva – “Chief”
Charlie Silvera – “Swede”
Bill Singer – “Sing Sing” or “The Singer Throwing Machine”
Billy Mike Smithson – “Snuffy”
Eric Soderholm – “Viking”
Rick Sofield – “Hollywood”
Keiunta Denard Span – “Denard”
Albert Lee Stange – “Lee” or “Stinger”
Louis Stephen – “Buzz”
George Strickland – “Bo”
John Sutton – “Ike”
Forest Gregory Swindell – “Greg” or “Flounder”
Wayne Terwilliger “Twig”
Tim Teufel – “Tuf”
Bob Tewksbury – “Tewks”
Greg Thayer – “Tates”
Jim Thome – “The Thomenator” or “Mr. High Socks”
Paul Thormodsgard – “Thor”
Luis Tiant – “El Tiante”
Cesar Tovar – “Pepito” or “Pepe”
Mike Trombley – “Trom”
Scott Ullger – “Smooth”
Hilario Valdespino – “Sandy”
Elmer Valo – “Wall Crusher”
John Verhoeven – “J.C.”
Zoilo Versalles – “Zorro”  
Frank Viola – “Sweet Music”
Charles Walters – “Charlie” or “Shooter” or “Big Shooter”
Phillip DeWayne Walters – “PJ”
Danny Walton – “Mickey”
Gary Ward – “Wardo”
John Ward – “Jay”
Greg Wells – “Boomer”
Mark Wiley – “Coyote”
Don Williams – “Dino”
Stan Williams – “Big Daddy”  
Josh Willingham – “The Hammer” or “Willinghammer”
Carl Willis – “Big Train”
Michael Wilson – “Tack”
Dave Winfield – “Winnie” or “Mr. May”
Dick Woodson – “Woody”
Vance Worley – “Vanimal”
Al Worthington – “Red”
Harold  Wynegar – “Butch” or “The Kid”
Early Wynn – “Gus”
Rich Yett – “Not Ready” or “Redneck”



Baldomero Acosta – “Merito”
Reuben Adams – “Rick”
Eddie Ainsmith – “Dorf”
Bob Allison – “Mr. America”
Dave Altizer – “Filipino”
Arnold Anderson – “Red”
John Anderson – “Honest John”
Pete Appleton – “Jake”
Hubert Atkinson – “Lefty”
Yancy Ayers – “Doc”
Noble Ballou – “Win”
Emile Barnes – “Red”
William Barrett – “Whispering Bill”
Henry Beckendorf – “Heinie”
Allen Benson – “Bullet Ben”
George Binks – “Bingo”
James Bird – “Red”
James Block – “Bruno”
Oswald Bluege – “Ossie”
Adlai Bono – “Gus”
Henry Bonura – “Zeke”
Edgar Braxton – “Garland”
Addison Brennan – “Ad”
Everett Bridges – “Rocky”
Frank Brower – “Turkeyfoot”
Lloyd Brown – “Gimpy”
Garland Buckeye – “Gob”
Bob Burke – “Lefty”
Bill Burns – “Sleepy Bill”
Owen Bush – “Donie”
Ed Butka – “Babe”
Eldred Byerly – “Bud”
Tommy Byrne – “Wildman”
Jacinto Calvo – “Jack”
Joe Cantillon – “Pongo Joe”
Bill Carrick – “Doughnut Bill”
Ed Cartwright – “Jumbo”
Joe Cascarella – “Crooning Joe”
Bob Chakales – “The Golden Greek”
Ken Chase – “Lefty”
Barbra Chrisley – “Neil”
Al Cicotte – “Bozo”
Vibert Clarke – “Webbo”
William Clarke – “Boileryard”
Ellis Clary – “Cat”
Truman Clevenger – “Tex”
Harlond Clift – “Darkie”
Tom Connolly – “Ham” or “Blackie”
Bill Conroy – “Pep” or “Wid”
Jim Constable – “Sheriff”
Bill Coughlin – “Scranton Bill”
Clint Courtney – “Scrap Iron” or “Toy Bulldog”
Stan Coveleski – “Covey”
Roger Cramer – “Doc” or “Flit”
Frank Croucher – “Dingle”
Alvin Crowder – “General”
Henry Cullop – ” Nick” or “Tomato Face”
Vern Curtis – “Turk”
Pompeyo Davalillo – “Yo-Yo”
Ed Delahanty – “Big Ed”
Sam Dente – “Blackie”
Clarence Difani – “Jay”
Reese Diggs – “Diggsy”
John Dixon – “Sonny”
John Doyle – “Jack” or “Dirty Jack”
William Dozier – “Buzz”
Augustin Dugas – “Gus”
Edward Dunkle – “Davey”
Louis Durham – “Bull”
Jacob Early – “Jake”
Bruce Edwards – “Bull”
Norman Elberfeld – “Kid” or “The Tabasco Kid”
William Ely – “Bones”
Frank Ellerbe – “Governor”
Russ Ennis – “Hack”
Frederick Falkenberg – “Cy”
Rick Ferrell – “Big Brain”
George Fisher – “Showboat”
Ira Flagstead – “Pete”
Jose Miguel Fornieles – “Mike”
Eddie Foster – “Kid”
Jerry Freeman – “Buck”
Grier Friday – “Skipper”
Harold Gagnon – “Chick”
Willard Gaines – “Nemo”
Melvin Gallia – “Bert”
Arnold Gandil – “Chick”
Billy Gardner – “Shotgun” or “Whitey” or “Slick”
Henry Gessler – “Doc” or “Brownie”
Edward Gharrity – “Patsy”
Johnny Gill – “Patcheye”
Vernon Gomez – “Lefty” or “Goofy”
Wenceslao Gonzales – “Vince”
Leon Goslin – “Goose”
Newton Grasso – “Mickey”
William Gray “Dolly”
Bartholomew Griffith – “Bert” or “Buck”
Clark Griffith – “The Old Fox” or “Griff”
Conrad Grob – “Connie”
Irving Hadley – “Bump”
Milton Haefner – “Mickey”
William Hargrave – “Pinky”
Dave Harris – “Sheriff”
Joe Harris – “Moon”
Stanley Harris – “Bucky”
Earl Harrist – “Irish”
John Henry – “Bull”
Dorrel Norman Elvert Herzog – “Whitey” or “The White Rat”
Marion Heydon – “Mike” or “Ed”
Charlie Hickman – “Piano Legs” or “Cheerful Charlie”
Harry Hoffman – “Izzy”
James Holbrook – “Sammy”
Bill Hollahan – “Happy”
John Hollingsworth – “Bonnie”
Bill Hopper – “Bird Dog”
Tom Hughes – “Long Tom”
Lamar Jacobs – “Jake”
Albert Jacobson – “Beany”
Warren Jenkins – “Jack”
Bob Johnson – “Indian Bob”
Walter Johnson – “Big Train” or “Barney”
Charlie Jones – “Casey”
Sam Jones – “Sad Sam”
Jim Kaat – “Kitty”
Bill Keister – “Wagon Tongue”
R. B. Kelly – “Speed”
Russ Kemmerer – “Rusty” or “Dutch” or “Kimmersak”
Bill Kenworthy – “Iron Duke”
Constantine Keriazakos – “Gus”
Harmon Killebrew – “Killer”
Wade Killefer – “Red”
Malachi Kittridge – “Jedediah”
Ed Klieman – “Specs” or “Babe”
Bob Kline – “Junior”
John Kline – “Bobby”
Charles Knoll – “Punch”
Merlin Kopp – “Manny”
Steve Korcheck – “Hoss”
John Kralick – “Jack”
Ralph Kress – “Red”
Bob Kuzava – “Sarge”
Lewis Lanford – “Sam”
Attilio Harry Lavagetto – “Cookie”
Hillis Layne – “Tony” or “Mandrake”
Wyatt Lee – “Watty”
Harry Leibold – “Nemo”
Emil Leonard – “Dutch”
Jim Lemon – “Covington Clouter”
John Lewis – “Buddy”
Ed Linke – “Babe”
Horace Lisenbee – “Hod”
Adolph Liska – “Ad”
Edward Love – “Slim”
Ralph Lumenti – “Commuter Ralph”
Ed Lyons – “Mouse”
Jim Mahoney – “Moe”
Henry Manush – “Heinie”
Fredrick Marberry – “Firpo”
Conrado Marrero – “Connie”
Joe Martin – “Silent Joe”
Thomas Martin – “Gene”
John Martina – “Oyster Joe”
Henry Matteson – “Eddie” or “Matty”
Wid Matthews – “Matty”
Maurice McDermott – “Mickey” or “Maury”
Jimmy McAleer – “Loafer”
William McCormick – “Barry”
Walter McGrew – “Slim”
Mike Menosky – “Leaping Mike”
George Mercer – “Win”
Sabath Anthony Mele – “Sam”
Emil Meusel – “Irish”
Casimir Michaels – “Cass”
Jesse Milan – “Clyde” or “Deerfoot”
Edmund Miller – “Bing”
John Miller – “Ox”
Ralph Miller – “Moose” or “Lefty”
Ray Moore – “Farmer”
Tom Morgan – “Plowboy”
George Murray – “Smiler”
George Myatt – “Mercury” or “Stud” or “Foghorn”
Charles Myer – “Buddy”
Louis Newsom – “Bobo” or “Buck”
George Nill – “Rabbit”
Warren Ogden – “Curly”
Karl Olson – “Ole”
Ernie Oravetz – “Moose”
Al Orth – “Smiling Al” or “The Curveless Wonder”
Oliverio Ortiz – “Baby”
James Osteen – “Champ”
Camilo Pascual – “Little Potato”
Case Patten – “Pat”
Albert Pearson – “Albie”
Roger Peckinnpaugh – “Peck”
Les Peden – “Gooch”
Barney Pelty – “The Yiddish Curver”
John Perrine – “Nig”
Marino Pieretti – “Chick”
Alex Pitko – “Spunk”
Erwin Porterfield – “Bob”
Robert Potter – “Squire”
Alvin Powell – “Jake”
Ray Prim – “Pop”
James Prothro – “Doc”
Samuel Ralston – “Doc”
Pedro Ramos – “Pistol Pete”
Jack Redmond – “Red”
Bobby Reeves – “Gunner”
Frank Reisling – “Doc”
Edgar Charles Rice – “Sam” or “Man O’ War”
Emory Rigney – “Topper”
Charles Roberts – “Red”
Preston Robertson – “Dick”
Sherrard Robertson – “Sherry”
William Robinson – “Eddie”
Clay Roe – “Shad”
Anton Roig – “Tony”
Robert Roth – “Braggo” or “The Globetrotter”
Herold Ruel – “Muddy”
Walter Ruether – “Dutch”
James Runnels – “Pete”
Allan Russell – “Rubber arm”
Al Schacht – “The Clown Prince of Baseball”
William Schaefer – “Germany”
Gilbert Schegg – “Lefty”
Harry Schlafly – “Larry”
Johnny Schmitz – “Bear Tracks”
Art Schult – “Dutch”
Frank Schulte – “Wildfire” or “Fritz”
Henry Sedgwick – “Duke”
James Sewell – “Luke”
Francis Shaugnessy – “Shag”
Howie Shanks – “Hawk”
Jim Shaw – “Grunting Jim”
Francis Shea – “Spec” or “The Naugatuck Nugget”
Garland Shifflett – “Duck”
Charles Shires – “Art” or “Art the Great”
Clair Shirey – “Duke”
Ernest Shirley – “Mule”
Roy Sievers – “Squirrel”
Al Simmons – “Bucketfoot Al”
Elmer Singleton – “Smoky”
George Sisler – “Gorgeous George”
Emanuel Smith – “Carr”
Lewis Smith – “Bull”
Tristram Speaker – “Tris” or “The Grey Eagle” or “Spoke”
Byron Speece – “By”
Garland Stahl – “Jake”
Edward Stewart – “Bud”
Veston Stewart – “Bunky”
Walter Cleveland Stewart – “Lefty”
Darrah Stone – “Dean”
John Stone – “Rocky”
Alan Strange – “Inky”
Charles Street – “Gabby” or “Old Sarge”
Jesse Tannehill – “Tanny” or “Powder”
Henry Tate – “Bennie”
Wayne Terwilliger – “Twig”
Dick Tettelbach – “Tut”
Arnold Thesenga – “Jug”
Alphonse Thomas – “Tommy”
Claude Thomas – “Lefty”
Keith Thomas – “Kite”
Luther Thomas – “Bud”
Maynard Throneberry – “Faye”
Jack Thoney – “Bullet Jack”
Hollis Thurston – “Sloppy”
John Townsend – “Happy”
Lucas Turk – “Harlem” or “Chief”
Carlos Ullrich – “Sandy”
Tom Upton – “Muscles”
Elmer Valo – “Wall Crusher”
Glen Varner – “Buck”
James Vaughn – “Hippo”
James Vernon – “Mickey”
Zoilo Versalles – “Zorro”
Richard Wade – “Rip”
Albert Waldbauer – “Doc”
Ewart Walker – “Dixie”
Fred Walker – “Dixie” or “The Peoples Cherce”
Gerald Walker – “Gee” or “The Madman from Mississippi”
Jim Weaver – “Big Jim”
Monte Weaver – “Prof”
Dick Weik – “Legs”
Alva Williams – “Rip” or “Buff”
David Williams – “Mutt”
Howard Wilson – “Highball”
William Wilson – “Willy”
Frederick Wingfield – “Ted”
Wilbert Wolfe – “Barney”
Harry Wolverton – “Fighting Harry”
Taft Wright – “Taffy”
Early Wynn – “Gus”
Albert Youngblood – “Chief”
Eddie Yost – “The Walking Man”
Norbert Zauchin – “Norm”
Bill Zuber – “Goober”

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  1. Oldgoat_MN says:

    Fun lists. I hadn’t thought of Sandy Valdespino in years.

    One I looked for was ‘Oil Can’ Boyd. Always thought that was a great nickname.


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