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I am John Swol and I am a long-time baseball fan. I started following the Milwaukee Braves on my transistor radio at the age of 9 back in 1957 and then when the Washington Senators moved to Minnesota in 1961 I had my own team to root for, the Minnesota Twins. After graduating from Taylors Falls High School I joined the US Navy and served on the USS Shangri-La (CVA-38) as a Radarman and ECM (electronic counter measures)technician from 1966-1968. After my naval tour ended, I worked in data processing for Northwestern National Bank/Norwest/Wells Fargo for 38+ years before retiring in 2007.

USS Shangri-La (CVA-38). You can click on the picture to make it bigger.


In 1998 I published a book about the Minnesota Twins called “Twins Trivia” which you can still buy today. In November 2007 with a bit more free time on my hands I started a web site under the same name. My intent for this site is to be the premier Minnesota Twins historical web site. I know I have a long ways to go but I improve the site every day so stop by frequently and give us a look because there are new things being added daily.

Although I often blog about the current Twins and their day-to-day activities, my primary purpose for this website is to share with you the wonderful and glorious history of the Minnesota Twins and now and then I will also touch on some of the Washington Senators players and teams from 1901 to 1960 who make up the Senators/Twins franchise history. I think the “crown jewel” of my site is the “Today in Twins History” page which will tell you about a lot of fun and interesting facts hat have happened to the Minnesota Twins over the years.

My wife Jackie and I are long-tme Twins season ticket holders so during baseball season you will see us out at Target Field and if we are not there, you might catch us on the golf course, or we will be in the yard working in our perennial beds or working on our pond trying  to keep the weeds and algae at bay.

If there are some things that you would like to see me add to this website, please let me know by dropping me a note to Thank you so much for checking out my site and I hope that you return often.

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  1. Corey Rapacz says:

    Need a tribute to Tim Laudner!! Former Park Center high school graduate (where I graduated from in 93) – also – there was a story when I was at Park Center of a historical game where 2 home run hitters in the 70s, both well known, went head to head as Kent Hrbek and I think it was Bloomington Jefferson he played for, visted the “Pirates” and their hitter, Tim Laudner. Supposedly in the game, Tim jacked one over the tennis courts into the Brooklyn Jr High parking lot. A monsterours feat for a homer. Kent responded by hitting one “over Noble Ave”. Even farther… I wonder if there is truth to this story?

  2. Roger Miller says:

    I too listened to Twins games as a teenager growing up in northern Iowa and just bought a condo in Ft. Myers anticipating spring training and many Miricle games.

    I looked on the newspaper web site and saw no news of the Lee County Commisioners vote about stadium improvements at their Tuesday meeting. Any news??

  3. john gnazzo says:

    I just found your website. It is awesome. I have been a twins fan since the mid 60’s and usually watch 120+ games on TV yearly. OK, I DVR them and watch them later to maximize my efficiency. I used to go see them live but it is much too costly in my opinion.

    Anyway I have been searching for the words and music to the song “We are going to win Twins” But have been unsuccessful as of today. I want to create a ring tone using this tune. Can you help?

    P.S. I am also in IT .

    • jjswol says:

      There are many version of that ditty, here is one.

      We’re gonna win, Twins
      We’re gonna score
      We’re gonna win, Twins
      Watch that baseball soar.
      Crack out a home run
      Shout a hip-hooray
      Cheer for the Minnesota Twins today!

      Check out my Twins Audio and video clips page to listen to more versions. The original version is on my front page in the right hand column. Thanks for stopping by my site, I hope you get back here on a regular basis.

  4. James Kaplan says:

    Also just found your website and look forward to visiting it often. Thanks for all the work.

  5. Hey John,

    I thought of you when I saw this post. I didn’t want it to be a public post, but couldn’t find your email either:

    Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2014 17:47:46 -0500
    From: Gregory Wolf
    Subject: 1965 Minnesota Twins book project: looking for an author

    Dear SABR members,

    I am editing a SABR team book on the 1965 Minnesota Twins and have a great
    bio to assign: Harmon Killebrew. The previous author emailed me today that
    he cannot complete the project.

    But there is a catch.

    The announced deadline for the first draft all of the bios for the book is
    September 01, 2014; however, the author of this important bio can take few
    extra weeks; say September 22.

    If you are serious about taking on the project and are sure that you can
    meet the deadline, please contact me as soon as possible. Serious
    inquiries only. The majority of the bios are already in their final,
    book-ready form, so we are in excellent shape for our anticipated
    publication date next season to commemorate this team.


    Gregory H. Wolf

  6. Rich Reese says:

    Great memories John, Rich Reese

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  8. Dan Geiger. Former WCCO dude says:

    John. I’m activity director at Waterfoord Manor in Brooklyn Park! I’d love to have you visit at 10am on April 4th to talk Twins and do some baseball trivia with my residents They’d love it!
    Half Hour of your time. Bring some books to sell afterwords!
    Let me know by phone:

  9. Andy Fleming says:

    So great to hear from Rich Reese (I hope that was authentic). I was sitting in the center field bleachers at the Met when he hit a home run (right below us) which was the winning blow against Dave McNally, of the awesome Orioles. McNally had won (I believe) 18 consecutive games, so this was a notable event. A warm, sunny weekend day, with a full house. Seems like only yesterday (or, maybe, the day before).

  10. Dave Zeigler says:

    My dad was a cook in the late 50s in Rochester NY. He grew up a Washington Senators fan (originally from South Carolina) When I was 10-11 years old I would listen to the Senators games with him in our car (cause it had the best reception). He would tell me stories about big Jim Lemon, with his wide open stance and Harmon Killebrew whose father was a potato farmer in Idaho and I would fall asleep with my head on his lap.
    To this day those are the fondest memories I have of him.
    I’m sure I inherited many things from Dad and being a Twins fan is certainly one. I hope someday to come see a game or two in Minnesota. Thanks for the interesting web-site. Dave Zeigler

    • jjswol says:

      Thanks for writing and sharing your memories Dave. I hope you get a chance to come to Minnesota and catch a few Twins games at their beautiful home ballpark, Target Field. I know you will enjoy it. The old saying to remember is “that people don’t regret what they did in life, they regret what they didn’t do”. Come full circle and visit Minnesota.

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