Hammond Stadium Renovations & Spring Training Tickets

2014 Twins ST schedule 2David Dorsey of the Ft. Myers News-Press provides you with a short but informative video on how the improvements to Hammond Studium are coming along. Phase One of a two-phase, $48 million project is scheduled to be completed Feb. 15, just in time for when Minnesota Twins pitchers and catchers report for spring training duty. It sounds like they will be working right up to the last-minute to get it ready. You can watch the video right here.

Twins Spring Training tickets went on sale on Saturday, January 11th and the Twins really changed things up this year on the types of tickets they sell. Here is what the Twins are doing this year.

Location Season Tix Value Premium
Dugout Box $38 $40 $43
  Home Plate Box $22 $27 $30
  Diamond Box $20 $25 $28
Home Plate View $19 $25 $28
  Field View $17 $23 $26
  Bullpen Zone N/A $23 $26
  Left Field Drink Rails N/A $14 $17
Lawn Seating N/A Left: $12 Right: $14 Left: $15 Right: $17
Scoreboard Pavilion N/A $18 $21
Grandstand N/A $16 $19
Party Porch N/A $18 $21
Right Field Bullpen N/A $16 $19
  Right Field Drink Rail $21 $26 $29

View Twins Seating & Pricing – Premium pricing applies to the 3/5, 3/6, 3/9, 3/13, 3/22, and 3/28 games.

I had written a piece last year on spring training tickets prices that you can check out here and you can see for yourself how Twins ticket prices and categories have changed over the years. Increasing or changing the ticket seating categories allows a team to increase their ticket prices without actually telling their fans that the price to see a spring training game has gone up even if the team has been a cellar dweller for the last three seasons. I am looking forward to getting down to Hammond Stadium to check out the improvements for myself.

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