Did you know?

That each of the Minnesota Twins 63 wins in 2011 cost the team $1,789,476 based on a payroll of $112.74 million? That is a lot of dollars for each victory but two teams still did worse than Minnesota did although they had a lot more victories. Each win cost the Red Sox $1,797,361 and the Yankees paid $2,089,578 for each win. On the other end of the stick, the lowest cost per win went to the Tampa Rays who only paid $451,138 for each of their 91 wins. The Kansas City Royals were second best with a cost of $508,817 for each of their 71 victories. I guess that something we all can keep in mind when we complain about the Twins payroll. But don’t forget, that while big spending doesn’t automatically guarantee success, lower payroll don’t automatically mean success, either. I guess that is what makes baseball so interesting for the fans and so frustrating for team owners and management. The source for the data here was Ballpark Digest.

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