Minnesota Twins Opening Day Crossword puzzle

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  1. Last Twins pitcher to get OD victory
  2. Torii Hunter's streak of being OD centerfielder ended in 2007 at nine games, who was Twins OD CF in 2008
  3. First Twins OD DH
  4. Scored 10 runs in his Opening day games
  5. First native Minnesotan to start in an OD game
  6. Most runs scored by Twins in OD game
  7. Most recent Twins player to hit 2 HR's on OD
  8. Last pitcher to pitch a complete game shutout against the Twins on OD
  9. First Twins player to hit 2 HR's on OD
  10. Opposing team when Twins opened play at the Metrodome
  11. The first time the Twins played a season OD game at home was against this team
  12. Twins lose to this team on OD in front of only 9,912 fans
  13. Largest crown to see Twins play on OD took place at what stadium
  14. Can't wait for my birthday guy gets a win on his birthday April 6
  15. The Twins have lost how many staright OD games going in 2017
  16. How many HR's did Twins hit in 8-6 win over the Royals on OD 2002
  17. Twins pound out 17 hits in this 1975 opener against the
  18. Starting pitcher for most (nine) Twins OD games
  19. One time Twins pitcher has career mark of 0-9 on OD starts (none with Twins)
  20. Has more career hits (17) on OD than any other Twins player
  21. This Twins 1980 closer threw 5 innings of one hit relief to get this OD win
  22. Last Twins player and MLB Hall of Famer to play in Twins OD game
  23. First position player to be drafted by Twins in a June draft and start on OD
  24. Only Twins player to have double figure Total Bases on Opening Day
  25. Twins OD second baseman in 1965 championship season
  26. Pitched all 11 innings in 2-1 OD win over Minnesota in 1976
  27. Only LHP to register a win on OD at the Met
  28. Twins have won or lost more OD games
  29. Last Twins shortstop to start two OD games in a row


  1. Shortest start by a Twins OD pitcher lasted 1.1 innings, who was the pitcher?
  2. Last Twins pitcher to have two or more consecutive OD starts
  3. Mudcat beats this team 2-1 in just one hour and 45 minutes
  4. Twins have played this team on OD ten times and won five of the games
  5. Italian born player in Twins 1961 OD line-up
  6. Ends Twins longest (Time) OD game with with walk-off HR in 11th inning
  7. Twins batters strike out 14 times but still win against
  8. Twins have only played this team on OD once and won the game
  9. I am 0 for 13 in three OD games as a Twin
  10. Last Twins pitcher to pitch a CG for a Twins win on OD
  11. First Twins player from Puerto Rico in Twins OD line-up (1962)
  12. Last Twins lefty starter to win on OD
  13. First Twins pitcher to pitch a shutout on OD
  14. What ballpark did Twins play their 2016 OD game
  15. Twins OD centerfielder nine times
  16. Twins swipe four bases on OD against this catcher
  17. Name the Twins reliever that had the longest outing in a Twins OD game at 5.1 innings.
  18. Has won four OD games for the Twins
  19. Last team to shutout the Twins on OD
  20. Twins pitcher with two hits in OD games for Twins
  21. First Twins player to ever get a hit on OD
  22. Has hit more homeruns on Opening Day than any other Twin
  23. Who was the Twins losing pitcher in their only OD game at Taget Field
  24. Twins have played this team just once on OD and lost the game getting just two hits
  25. Most runs given up by Twins on OD is 13 to this team
  26. Twins OF 1B twelve times
  27. Twins lose this OD game 4-3 in 12 innings at Municipal Stadium to this team
  28. First Twins player from Venezuela in Twins OD line-up (1965)
  29. Played only 7 games for Twins in 1981 yet was OD centerfielder
  30. First Twins player to hit an OD home run
  31. Twins have been shutout on OD how many times

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