May 29 – This Day in Twins History

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Twins record on May 29 games is 


2017 – The Astros picked a good time for their highest-scoring inning in more than 20 years. Houston overcame a six-run deficit by scoring 11 runs in the top of the eighth inning in its 16–8 victory over the Twins at Target Field. Prior to Monday, the Astros had never won a game in which they trailed by six or more runs in the eighth inning or later. Houston was 0–921 in games with a deficit of that kind prior to the comeback victory. Three Twins pitchers shared the misery in the Astros’ 11-run inning. Ryan Pressly, Craig Breslow, and Matt Belisle recorded one out apiece in the eighth inning with Pressly surrendering five runs and both Breslow and Belisle giving up three. Ervin Santana has started for the Twins and left after 7 innings with an 8-2 lead, OUCH! Box Score

Ervin Santana


1982 – Sal Butera sets a Twins record when he throws out 4 base runners in a game against the Yankees. Ken Griffey Sr., Graig Nettles, Bobby Murcer, and Willie Randolph were the victims that day, Nettles and Murcer were thrown out as part of a Twins’ triple play, the first ever at the Metrodome. In the 6-4 loss to the Yankees at the Metrodome, Bobby Murcer and Graig Nettles were involved in a base running blunder so egregious that it prompted Murcer to say after the game, “We need a second base coach.” In the top of the 2nd, Murcer and Nettles singled, bringing Roy Smalley to the plate, but the hit-and-run was as the Yankee shortstop struck out. The Minnesota catcher, Sal Butera, fired the ball to Gary Gaetti at third base, prompting Murcer to immediately retreat to second base. Unfortunately, waiting for him at 2nd was Nettles, who was forced back to first and tagged out by Kent Hrbek after a throw from Gaetti. But, as Gaetti threw across the diamond to nab Nettles, Murcer broke for third. Hrbek threw back across the diamond, where pitcher Terry Felton was covering third base, to cut down Murcer in one of the most bizarre triple plays in baseball history. The official scoring of the play was K+CS3(25);CS2(31)/TP. With two out in the ninth inning the Yankees scored twice on a single, double, and another single and pinned the loss on Brad Havens and his teammates. Kent Hrbek went 3 for 4 with a triple, scored twice and knocked in one. Box Score

Sal Butera

Kent Hrbek






1981 – The visiting Kansas City Royals beat the Twins 3-1 at the Met in spite of getting out-hit 7 to 5 by Minnesota. Both starting pitchers, Rich Gale for KC and the Twins Fernando Arroyo go 7 innings and give up 4 hits but Arroyo gives up 2 runs and comes up the loser. Only 6,734 baseball fans showed up to watch this game as the Twins played their last season at the Met. Box Score

Fernando Arroyo

The Executive Board of the Players’ Association voted unanimously to strike on May 29th due to the unresolved issue of free-agent compensation. The major issue behind the strike was the issue of free agent compensation, or, in other words, what compensation teams would receive if one of their star players was signed as a free agent by another team. The owners wanted a system whereby teams would receive a player of similar value, while the players were opposed, seeing that this would void their newly acquired right to become free agents after playing out their contract. The resulting compromise was the Free agent compensation draft, which functioned for the next four years. The deadline was extended briefly, however, after the Players’ Association’s unfair labor complaint was heard by the National Labor Relations Board. At 12:30 A.M on June 12th, union chief Marvin Miller announced the player’s strike beginning the longest labor action to date in American sports history. By the time the season finally resumed on August 10th, seven-hundred six games (38 percent of the Major League schedule) had been canceled. Due to the two-month strike, Major League owners elected to split the 1981 season into two halves, with the first-place teams from each half in each division meeting in a best-of-five divisional playoff series. The second half of the season began with the All Star Game on August 9.


1962 – The Red Sox beat up on the home-town Twins 8-5 behind four home runs, two by catcher Bob Tillman. Outfielder George Banks hits one hit for the Twins but it is not enough. Ted Sadowski takes the loss for Minnesota. Box Score. The Twins front office is busy as the Twins acquire pitcher Jim Donohue from the LA Angels and in turn the Twins give up pitcher Don Lee.

Jim Donohue

Don Lee






1959 – President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his White House staff attend a Washington Senators game. He gets slugger Harmon Killebrew’s autograph for his grandson David on a home run ball, as Washington defeats the Red Sox 7-6. Box Score

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