January 28 – This Day in Twins History

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14 black spruce trees that lasted just one year at Target Field

2011 – Twins president Dave St. Peter announced that the team plans to remove the 14 black spruce trees that are currently behind the center-field wall at Target Field. Hitters, for both the Twins and visiting teams, have complained that the trees were a distraction. The hitters have said the trees make it difficult to see the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand, particularly during windy days when the trees would move. Some of the more superstitious Twins fans believe that once the 14 black spruce trees were removed a curse was placed on the Twins organization, the Twins won/lost record after the trees removal might make you a believer.

1985 – The beginning of the end for Met Stadium as the wrecking ball strikes a solid blow. 

1901 – The American League formally organizes as a major league, having been a top minor league in 1900; the Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia Athletics, and Boston Americans are admitted to join the Washington Nationals, Cleveland Blues, Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, and Chicago White Sox. Three of the original clubs – Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Buffalo are dropped.


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