February 3 – This Day in Twins History

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1987 – The Expos trade ace reliever Jeff Reardon and catcher Tom Nieto to the Twins for pitchers Neal Heaton, Yorkis Perez, Alfredo Cardwood and catcher Jeff Reed. Yes, the same Jeff Reed that has managed the Elizabethton Twins for many years.

Jeff Reardon

Tom Nieto

Neal Heaton

Yorkis Perez





Alfredo Cardwood


Jeff Reed






1979 – The Twins trade 7-time batting champion second baseman Rod Carew to the California Angels for outfielder Ken Landreaux, catcher Dave Engle, and pitchers Paul Hartzell and Brad Havens.

Rod Carew

Ken Landreaux

Dave Engle

Paul Hartzell





Brad Havens







Larry Wolfe

The same day they make another deal where the Boston Red Sox shipped outfielder Dave Coleman to Minnesota and the Twins give up third baseman Larry Wolfe. Coleman never played for the Twins.



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