internetNow and then I run across stories, blogs, video’s and articles about the Minnesota Twins and their history that I enjoyed watching or reading but don’t fit into anything that I am currently doing on this site so I bookmark them on my computer so I can reference them again some time in the future. The list has gotten long and no one else is getting to enjoy them so I think that I would build a page on this site that will make these links available to everyone. These articles are a link to the Minnesota Twins great history and it is important that we don’t forget the link to the past. The list here is just a beginning, we will continue to add items as we go along so don’t forget to keep checking back. If you come across something that you think we should link to and share with the rest of Twins Territory, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Some of the links here might not be all about the Twins but in some way in my twisted little mind it ties back to baseball and thus the Minnesota Twins. Let me know what you think and feel free to leave your comments about any link you wish. Part of the fun of reading is sharing your memories or thoughts about the piece you just finished reading.

Baseballs Earl Battey, A Player and Classroom Educator

Catcher Dave Engle’s ‘stardom’ with Twins was short-lived

The Gentle Killer

Former Twin Adam Johnson puts out fires

Glory Days A Bitter Reminder To Zoilo

Former Twins PR man Tom Mee rolled with punches — literally

Killebrew’s Road to Cooperstown Was Anything But Smooth

Baseball’s Lenny Green

The Master (Joe Mauer)

Metrodome: Home sweet storm home

Metropolitan Stadium

Minneapolis Millers – 1959 Junior World Series vs. Havana (by Stew Thornley)

Financial Failures Leave Killebrew With Fame And Not Much Else

Mauer still accepting his move to first base for Twins

Metrodome 1982-2013

Carl Pavano’s shoveling accident was nearly fatal

 ‘Curse of the Spruce’ 

Baseball in the Dominican Republic – Miguel Sano

Rod Carew’s Seven Steals of Home in 1969

Boswell was a character as well as a competitor

Steve Cannon by Tom Mischke 

The Fight Between Juan Marichal and John Roseboro

Lyman Bostock – A very good ball player but an even better man

The Ten Worst Promotional Ideas in Baseball History

Colabello has quite a story to tell

Twins, Peace Groups “Duke” it out

When the March on Washington canceled two Senators vs. Twins games

Kirby Puckett Hall of Fame Speech, August 2001

For one summer, Billy Martin was all the rage

Everybody Pick Up A Drum

Twins’ first Fourth a golden moment for Becquer, fans

Joe Niekro, Cliff Johnson and 5 Ks in an inning

“Rarest Autograph in Baseball Card History  – Herman Hill”

Twins happy to be alive and well

ESPN SportsCentury Gene Mauch

Watkins hopes to make successful family an empire

Case Study – Minnesota Twins and outdoor baseball

A nice ring to it

Billybrawl: The boxing career of Billy Martin

True baseball injuries

The Last of the Pure Baseball Men

Mike Marshall, The Best And The Brightest…

Sweet Sound of Santana

Gunfire in the Ballpark

Alex Torres and the history of headgear in baseball

Rod Carew opens up about his private life and his near-death experience

Rod Carew recovering from massive heart attack with a life-saving device pumping blood through his body

Play Hard and Dream Big by Michael Cuddyer

The long history of baseball’s most glorious fashion accessory: The stirrup sock

Inside The Park

Racial justice for the Minnesota Twins: The forgotten battle (has a real interesting attachment)

Reusse: Big Papi looks back: ‘… the Twins treated me bad’

Louisville Slugger Factory, 1932

MLB closes Orioles game to fans, shifts weekend series

Going, Going, Gone! (A teammate recalls that for Roswell Rockets great Joe Bauman, the Babe Ruth of minor league baseball, hitting was always a blast)

Minnesota Twin Killing Greedy owners may disband the Twins, but memories of growing up at the Met will never fade 

The Gospel and GAETTI

UP AGAIN DOWN AGAIN (1967 pennant race)

1967 Minnesota Twins

The Unstoppable Rise of Fantasy Sports

The history of black baseball in Minnesota

The spirit of Griffith lingers 50 years later

Andy MacPhail On The 25-Year Anniversary Of The Twins’ 1991 World Series Championship

Dean Chance is perfect for five innings


When hope didn’t spring eternal for black baseball players in Florida

Luis Tiant took advantage of opportunity his father never had


How David Ortiz became David Ortiz

Sports Logo Case Study #7—Minnesota Twins

The pine tar games

Kelly`s One Former Seattle Pilot Who Made It Big

The Ladies Day Riot of 1897

He also serves who sits and waits

Chemistry 101: Why an Extremely Talented Twins Team Failed to Win the 1967 Pennant

Top Ten Lines in Baseball Movie History

Sports of The Times; The Twins and the Expos Belong to All of Us

The inside story: How the Twins found Miguel Sano

The last replacement player

My Hometown: Justin Morneau


The oldest players to make their debut in the major leagues: Satchel Paige and the rest (includes a couple of former Minnesota Twins)

 Deconstructing the Dome: Legacy of Litigation Lingers

The Fall of the Ryan Empire

Top 10 Draft Holdout of all time by Will Lingo for Baseball America, two Minnesota Twins selections make the list.

August 25, 1970: Bomb threat provides extra excitement in Twins-Red Sox game.


The Glory Days of Baseball and Beer Marketing

 Cash in the Cradle: The Bonus Babies

Midre Cummings, Man of Mystery

Reliever Dan Naulty from 1999 World Series team spills ugly truth on steroids

The African-American talent pool remains a troubling problem for baseball

The most shameful statue in baseball

The All Time Greatest Player for Each MLB Team

Baseball Demographics, 1947-2016

Meet Craig Breslow, the smartest man in baseball



The dirt on baseball

Cool Maps of MLB Team’s Radio Networks

Baseball needs to do more about sexual violence 

Moneyball at 20: Inside Billy Beane’s legacy after 2 decades running the A’s

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