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Clock baseballjpgThere has been a lot of talk about how long MLB games are getting and so far none of the new ideas to shorten games have worked. This page will show you the average length of Twins games since they started play in 1961.

The chart below shows the average length of Minnesota Twins games with the red line and the number of games that lasted 3 hours or more with the blue line. The data for the chart can be seen on this PDF – Length of games thru 2017

This Time of Game PDF that was provided by MLB show average games time for the American League, National League and overall average MLB game time from 1981 thru 2016. time-of-game-1981-2016.pdf

If you look at the two PDF’s you can compare Twins game time to AL average game times. In 2016 the Twins took an average of five minutes longer to play a game than the AL average game time.

The Minnesota Twins called Met Stadium home from 1961-1981, the Metrodome was home from 1982-2009 and Target Field has been home since 2010 in case you need help in determining the longest home games in the various home parks.

The Twins longest games in terms of innings played were two 22 inning affairs. The 1993 game took place in the Metrodome and the 1972 game took place at the Met.

Twins longest games in terms of innings played

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The Twins longest game in terms of time was surprisingly only 16.1 innings long but the game lasted an incredible six hours and 36 minutes when the Twins lost to the Indians at Jacob’s Field in the bottom of the 16th inning. The Twins played and lost a 386 minute (6 hours and 26 minutes) game against the Rays at Target Field in 2017 and that game is now the second longest Twins game in terms of time.

Twins longest games in term of time

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Updated 12/8/2017

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