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The Minnesota Twins finally had a winning season (83-79) in 2015 after having lost 90 or more games for four consecutive years and watched their attendance drop lower and lower each season. The teams performance kept individual game ticket prices relatively flat during the losing stretch but after finishing just two games over the .500 mark Twins management has decided that it is time to raise the ticket prices, after all, the team hasn’t raised their ticket prices since 2012. I noticed this past off-season that the Twins didn’t brag about holding down ticket prices and they made no announcement that ticket prices would go up but you didn’t have to be a genius to assume that ticket prices would rise in 2016. So let’s dig in a bit and see what transpired this off-season.

Twins Raise Ticket Prices

Bottom line is that the Twins raised ticket prices $1-$3 for every seat in the Main Level of Target Field for every tier of games. The club pretty much left the Club level, Terrace Level, Outfield Mezzanine Level and Budweiser Roof Deck tickets at 2015 prices except for “The Field View” tickets in the Terrace level which were increased by a buck for each tier of games. These price changes increase the average 2016 Twins ticket price to $31.72 from an average of $31.25 in 2015.

The variable ticket pricing plan that was instituted in 2006 with 2 tiers jumped to 3 tiers in 2009 and 5 tiers in 2013 remains unchanged in 2016. Last year the tiers were called “extra value”, “value”, “select”, “premium” and “elite” but this year the Twins have not yet announced the names for the tiers nor how many games fall into each tier but with a little digging I think we have gotten down to the bottom of it. The number of games in each of the tiers did change slightly once again from 2015. The “extra value” games are the cheapest priced games and all eight of these games fall in April and September when school is in session and the weather is expected to be cooler. The next step up is the “value” plan and the number of games in this category decreases from twelve last season to eight in 2016. The “select” category is the middle of the line category and this is pretty much the Twins baseline for ticket prices. The number of games in this category increases this year to 49 games from 41 last year. The next step up is the “premium” games and the Twins decreased the number of games in this category from nine to eight. The top of the line category is the “Elite” games and this category of games remained unchanged at eight games. The Twins strategy this season puts 60% of the games in the middle “select” tier and then splits the remaining 40% of the  games evenly between the lower tiers and upper tiers.

Individual game tickets went on sale February 20 but those prices are only in effect for one day because as of February 22 demand-based pricing kicks in for the rest of the season and the Twins and their demand-based pricing partner, Digonex Technologies, Inc. will monitor and change ticket prices based on a number of conditions.

Average ticket prices for the various tiers

An “extra value” game is $16.85, a “value” game is $24.40, a “select” game is $31.70, a “premium” game is $38.95, and an “elite” game is $46.70.  If you attend an “elite” game you will pay on average about three times as much for your seat as you would if you attended an “extra value” game. Same seat, same game of baseball but the tier designation determines how much money stays in your wallet. By the way, if you are lucky enough to sit in the first row, you will have to pay a $5 or $10 premium depending on what section your seat is in.

2016 Twins single game ticket prices on February 20

(Main level)
Champion’s Club – Season Ticket only
Dugout Box – $51/$68/$84/$100/$117
Home Plate Box – $38/$51/$63/$75/$88
Diamond Box – $29/$39/$48/$57/$67
Field Box – $23/$30/$37/$44/$51
Left Field Bleachers – $10/$17/$24/$31/$38
The Pavilion – $12/$20/$27/$34/$43
Overlook – $12/$20/$27/$34/$43
Great Clips Great Seats – $29/$34/$42/$49/$56
(Club level)
Legend’s Club – Season Ticket only
The Deck – $19/$25/$31/$37/$43
(Terrace level)
Home Plate Terrace – $21/$28/$35/$42/$49
Field Terrace – $10/$18/$25/$32/$40
Home Plate View – $10/$18/$25/$32/$40
Skyline View – $6/$11/$16/$21/$26
Field View – $7/$11/$15/$19/$23
Family Section (Alcohol-free section includes a hotdog & a soda) – $10/$18/$25/$32/$40
(Outfield Mezzanine level)
U.S. Bank Home Run Porch Terrace – $10/$17/$24/$31/$38
U.S.  Bank Home Run Porch View – $7/$12/ $17/$22/$27
Grandstand –  $7/$12/$17/$22/$27
(Budweiser Roof Deck)
Fixed View Seat – $18/$27/$36/$45/$54
Standing Room ticket – $8/$12/$16/$20/$24

Twins attendance – 2015

(attendance is updated after each home stand is completed)

The Twins opened the season on the road and played their first 2015 game at Target Field on April 13 losing to the Kansas City Royals 12-3 before a sellout crowd of 40,123, their first sellout since they played Houston on August 3, 2013. The Twins have had five sellout crowds this season, three of the sellouts have been against National League teams (Brewers and Cubs). A new record low attendance mark for Target Field was set on April 16 when the Twins beat the Kansas City Royals 8-5 in a Wednesday afternoon game that saw 17,449 paid fans go through the turnstiles. After having played all 81 games at home their attendance for 2015 stands at 2,220,054 as compared to the 2014 total of 2,250,606, meaning that attendance has dropped for the fifth year in a rowThe Twins average attendance for a 2015 game is 27,408 ranking them 2oth out of the 30 MLB teams. Twins attendance is down a total of 30,552 from last year for an average decrease of 377 fans per game at Target Field. The Tampa Rays had the lowest average attendance and the Los Angeles Dodgers had the highest average attendance. Capacity at Target Field in 2015 remained at 39,021.


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Historical Twins Season Ticket Base

(full season ticket equivalents)

2015 average – 27,408 (season ticket base 13,000)

2014 average – 27,785 (season ticket base 17,000)

2013 average – 30,588 (season ticket base 19,000)

2012 average – 34,276 (season ticket base 23,000)

2011 average – 39,113 (season ticket base 25,000)

2010 average – 39,798 (season ticket base 25,000)

1965 average – 18,065 (season ticket base 3,400)

1964 acerage – 14,726 (season ticket base 3,600)

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Historical Minnesota Twins Attendance

 click on chart to make it larger

Twins Attendance chart thru 2015


Minnesota Twins home attendance from 1961 to current.

201785-772 of 5 in AL Central25,3242,051,27910 of 15
201659-1035 of 5 in AL Central24,2461,963,91211 of 15
201583-792 of 5 in AL Central27,4082,220,0549 of 15
201470-925 of 5 in AL Central27,7852,250,6068 of 15
201366-964 of 5 in AL Central30,5882,477,6447 of 15
201266-965 of 5 in AL Central34,2762,776,3546 of 14
201163-995 of 5 in AL Central39,1133,168,1162 of 14
201094-681 of 5 in AL Central39,7983,223,6403 of 14
200987-761 of 5 in AL Central29,4662,416,2375 of 14
200888-752 of 5 in AL Central28,4252,302,4318 of 14
200779-833 of 5 in AL Central28,3502,296,38310 of 14
200696-661 of 5 in AL Central28,2102,285,0189 of 14
200583-793 of 5 in AL Central25,1142,034,2439 of 14
200492-701 of 5 in AL Central23,5991,911,49010 of 14
200390-721 of 5 in AL Central24,0251,946,0118 of 14
200294-671 of 5 in AL Central23,7591,924,4739 of 14
200185-772 of 5 in AL Central22,0111,782,92911 of 14
200069-935 of 5 in AL Central12,3551,000,76014 of 14
199963-975 of 5 in AL Central14,8501,202,82914 of 14
199870-924 of 5 in AL Central14,3951,165,97614 of 14
199768-944 of 5 in AL Central17,4211,411,06412 of 14
199678-844 of 5 in AL Central17,5291,437,35211 of 14
199556-885 of 5 in AL Central14,6901,057,66714 of 14
199453-604 of 5 in AL Central23,7041,398,56511 of 14
199371-915 of 7 in AL West25,2922,048,67310 of 14
199290-722 of 7 in AL West30,6472,482,4285 of 14
199195-671 of 7 in AL West28,3192,293,8428 of 14
199074-887 of 7 in AL West21,6241,751,58411 of 14
198980-825 of 7 in AL West28,1172,277,4387 of 14
198891-712 of 7 in AL West37,4163,030,6721 of 14
198785-771 of 7 in AL West25,7032,081,9766 of 14
198671-916 of 7 in AL West15,4991.255,45313 of 14
198577-854 of 7 in AL West19,6641,651,8149 of 14
198481-812 of 7 in AL West19,7371,598,69210 of 14
198370-925 of 7 in AL West10,604858,93912 of 14
198260-1027 of 7 in AL West11,373921,18614 of 14
198141-687 of 7 in AL West7,690469,09014 of 14
198077-843 of 7 in AL West9,615769,20614 of 14
197982-804 of 7 in AL West13,2161,070,52111 of 14
197873-894 of 7 in AL West9,727787,87813 of 14
197784-774 of 7 in AL West14,5341,162,72711 of 14
197685-773 of 6 in AL West8,832715,39412 of 12
197576-834 of 6 in AL West8,990737,15612 of 12
197482-803 of 6 in AL West8,078662,40112 of 12
197381-813 of 6 in AL West11,204907,49910 of 12
197277-773 of 6 in AL West10,782797,9017 of 12
197174-865 of 6 in AL West11,910940,8585 of 12
197098-641 of 6 in AL West15,5791,261,8873 of 12
196997-651 of 6 in AL West16,6581,349,3283 of 12
196879-837 of 10 in AL14,1141,143,2574 of 10
196791-712 of 10 in AL18,3151,483,5472 of 10
196689-732 of 10 in AL15,5481,259,3742 of 10
1965102-601 of 10 in AL18,0651,463,2581 of 10
196479-836 of 10 in AL14,7261,207,5143 of 10
196391-703 of 10 in AL17,3661,406,6521 of 10
196291-712 of 10 in AL17,4771,433,1162 of 10
196170-907 of 10 in AL15,5151,256,7233 of 10

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Minnesota Twins Spring Training Attendance

Click on the image to see additional pictures.

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2017Hammond Stadium15108,364 (1)6,322
2016Hammond Stadium15121,0058,067
2015Hammond Stadium17118,5796,975
2014Hammond Stadium14107,8067,700
2013Hammond Stadium17113,8456,697
2012Hammond Stadium16117,5037,344
2011Hammond Stadium16129,4538,091
2010Hammond Stadium13104,7128,054
2009Hammond Stadium17122,5557,209
2008Hammond Stadium16124,9347,808
2007Hammond Stadium17129,5437,620
2006Hammond Stadium17121,5747,151
2005Hammond Stadium15111,6917,446
2004Hammond Stadium15110,3317,335
2003Hammond stadium15106,2097,081
2002Hammond Stadium17102,2386,014
2001Hammond Stadium1894,5135,251
2000Hammond Stadium1799,4325,849
1999Hammond Stadium1682,5275,158
1998Hammond Stadium1990,5234,764
1997Hammond Stadium1889,7434,986
1996Hammond Stadium1780,0274,707
1995Hammond Stadium 7 *18,7372,677
1994Hammond Stadium15100,9306,729
1993Hammond Stadium1690,5035,656
1992Hammond Stadium17119,9207,054
1991Hammond Stadium18123,7536,875
1990Tinker Field819,3072,413
1989Tinker Field1458,7964,200
1988Tinker Field1251,0944,258
1987Tinker Field1352,2684,021
1986Tinker Field1348,3023,716
1985Tinker Field1448,4513,461
1984Tinker Field1444,3473,168
1983Tinker Field825,4823,187
1982Tinker Field1030,6093,061
1981Tinker Field1642,8932,681
1980Tinker Field1132,3512,941
1979Tinker Field1336,6182,817
1978Tinker Fieldnot availablenot availablenot available
1977Tinker Field1126,6342,421
1976Tinker Field813,8731,734
1975Tinker Field1527,4151,828
1974Tinker Field
1973Tinker Field
1972Tinker Field
1971Tinker Field
1970Tinker Field
1969Tinker Field
1968Tinker Field
1967Tinker Field
1966Tinker Field
1965Tinker Field
1964Tinker Field
1963Tinker Field1228,9652,414
1962Tinker Field
1961Tinker Field
TOTALS thru 20176223,428,3555,512


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Historical Washington Senators Attendance

click on chart to make it larger

Washington Attendance chart 1901-1960

Senators attendance 1m

Senators attendance 2m