How long can the Twins keep selling “the future”

According to Twins Notes in todays Star Tribune Sports section the Minnesota Twins have contacted Mike Napoli‘s agent about signing with Minnesota. Napoli would be a bench player with power who can still play first base every now and then. The big reason for signing him according to the Twins is that he would be a clubhouse leader to replace Chris Gimenez who is a free agent.

Kennys Vargas

Clubhouse leadership is a job that is earned, not bought on the free agent market. Why the Twins want to waste their money and a roster spot on a 36 year-old player that hit .193 in 485 plate appearances and struck out 163 times in Texas is beyond me. Kennys Vargas can do what they want Napoli for and he is much younger and cheaper. 

The Twins don’t need a clubhouse leader, the Twins need some pitching that can help them in 2018, signing Michael Pineda who is coming off TJ surgery and won’t pitch until 2019 does not help the team now. There have also been reports that the Twins were in on Drew Smyly before he signed with the Cubs and are nosing around Trevor Rosenthal. Both of these pitchers are coming off TJ surgery and likely won’t pitch in 2018 either. What the heck is up with that? Are we collecting injured players who can maybe pitch in 2019?

When does this organization quit talking about what they hope to have in the future and start adding pieces that can help them in 2018? The current group of players is young and talented and could use some help with their pitching staff. I know, I know, they just signed Fernando Rodney a few days to be their closer. The team still needs one or two good starters and another reliever and so far they have done nothing to help that problem. 

I am not a huge free agent fan and wouldn’t pay the bucks to sign Yu Darvish or Jake Arrieta but there are a number of pitchers like Gerrit Cole and Chris Archer out there that could be had in a trade for prospects. How about we trade some futures for some pitchers that can pitch now and won’t need to be salary dumps in a few years? I am not getting any younger…

Derek Falvey and Thad Levine have done a lot of talking but so far it has been just that, talk. You don’t get a “W” for talk, you need real live pitchers to get that. How much longer can the Minnesota Twins organization keep selling the future to Twins fans? The future is now Mr. Falvey and Mr. Levine, please act like it.

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5 Responses to How long can the Twins keep selling “the future”

  1. Eric says:

    Twins made the playoffs in 2017. Winning record. What are you complaining about? The future comes right after the present.

    • jjswol says:

      Eric, you stand still you fall behind, it is all about constantly getting better. So far I have not seen the Twins do that this off season. Making the playoffs and playing one playoff game doesn’t cut it, if you are satisfied with what the Twins did this year I feel bad for you.

  2. johnny says:

    nothing this front office has done impresses me,they sat on there thumbs last off season,blotched the draft,sold during a post season run, blew the Pineda deal(why pay him to rehab, and not at least get an option year)as in a 2+1 year deal…Rodney alone doesnt mean much, if Rogers and Boshers are your lefty options…

  3. thebomisthebomb says:

    Falvine are still in the honeymoon stage as far as I am concerned and I am still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They have not made a big splash on the free agency or the trade fronts. However, my hope is that they are waiting for an optimal deal and will strike when they find the deal they like. I think we still need to give them another season. They have made subtle changes that could lead to huge dividends.

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