This Day in Twins History – Homer Hanky is 30 years old

1987 Homer Hanky

All of you that have the 1987 Minnesota Twins Home Hanky stashed away somewhere should check on its condition because that hanky is 30 years old. 30 years old, can you believe it? Most of us kept at least one as a souvenir and maybe, just maybe it would increase in value over time. Well, 30 years has passed and the hanky is worth about the same price a lot of us paid for it back then, a buck.

Hankies went out of style years ago but this is no regular hanky, it is the red and white hanky that everyone was waving back in the Metrodome as the Twins were beating the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1987 World Series.

Check out this first hand recollection by Tim McGuire who was managing editor of the Star Tribune at the time. The story is a fun read and worth a few minutes of your time and it may even surprise you as to how it all came about. Click here to see the story.


Who keeps a hanky for 30 years? Minnesota Twins fans do!

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