First Football Game at Target Field – Johnnies versus the Tommies

The Twins are on the road playing the Detroit Tigers but that does not mean that Target Field is quietly waiting for the Twins to return. Tomorrow afternoon (September 23) at 1:00 pm the Twins will host a NCAA Division III football game at Target field. 

The NCAA Division III match-up, which will be a St. Thomas home game, will be the first-ever football game played at Target Field. The rivalry between the University of St. Thomas and Saint John’s University football teams dates back to 1901, since then, the schools have met 86 times and continually set NCAA Division III record attendance marks. Six of the top 14 all-time Division III attendance marks have involved the St. Thomas-Saint John’s rivalry. The game tomorrow is expected to draw 35,000-plus.


UPDATE:  A crowd of 37,355 showed up to see the first football game at Target Field, more than doubling the NCAA Division III record for largest crowd which was set last season when Wisconsin-Oshkosh and Wisconsin Whitewater had 17,535 in attendance.

Saturday’s crowd size topped attendance at 20 of the 40 bowl games last season. But Bowl officials shouldn’t weep. The Minnesota Twins, who play at Target Field, have had only one bigger crowd this season. The Twins average only 25,364 fans despite current holding a wild-card playoff spot. Who won the game you ask? St. Thomas 20 and St. John 17.


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