The 1967 AL Pennant Race – Part 39 – Kline, Boswell, Uhlaender and Oliva

A nice story about Twins reliever Ron Kline who was in his 14th season of big league action and had yet to savor the pleasure of pitching in the post season. Harmon Killebrew steals his first base in five years. Killebrew would go on to steal 8 bases in 1969…

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When I was a youngster I used to subscribe to the Sporting News and I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to getting that weekly baseball paper. Since we had no daily paper this was my only way to see the baseball box scores except when school was in session and I could stop in the school library and read the local paper. When I received the Sporting News the first article I always looked for was the Joe Falls column, he was my favorite baseball writer back then and his writing was always informative and fun. Here is one of his columns that you can enjoy about Twins outfielder Ted Uhlaender and Tigers outfielder Mickey Stanley.

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Pat Kelly in a Denver Bears uniform. Credit: Getty Images.

Dave Boswell was an interesting person and there is a nice story about him in this section of the Sporting News. There is also a story about manager Cal Ermer‘s wife Gloria that I think you will enjoy. A small blurb also mentions Fan Appreciation Day put on by Calvin Griffith and how the Minnesota Twins showed their appreciation back then and how todays Minnesota Twins show their appreciation to the fans that support them. Today’s Twins should be ashamed of themselves.

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Did you know that Twins outfielder Pat Kelly was a brother to Cleveland Browns running back LeRoy Kelly? Everybody wants to read more about a younger Tony Oliva. The Red Sox fans among you may enjoy a nice story by Larry Caflin about how “Beantown” is enjoying their Red Sox team of 1967.


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