Did You Know?

Found in today’s Twins Notes, How can you not love stuff like this?


Former Twins reliever Travis Bowyer is celebrating his 36th birthday today. Bowyer, a Twins 20th round pick in 1999 appeared in eight career games for the Twins, all in 2005. Bowyer, along with left-handed pitcher Scott Tyler were traded to the Florida Marlins in 2005, in exchange for second baseman Luis Castillo . Castillo was traded to the New York Mets in 2007, in exchange for catcher Drew Butera and outfielder Dustin Martin. Drew Butera was traded to Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013 in exchange for left-handed pitcher Miguel Sulbaran. Sulbaran was traded to New York Yankees in 2014 in exchange for infielder Eduardo Nunez. Nunez was traded to San Francisco Giants in 2016 in exchange for tonight’s starter Adalberto Mejia.

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