Will Molitor be back as the Twins manager in 2018?

The All-Star game is now over and the Twins resume play on Friday against the 60-20 Houston Astros. The rumors are flying around that the Twins are looking for controllable pitching, both from a starting perspective and the bullpen. Will the Twins make any moves? Historically the organization has stood pat at the trade deadline but the Twins have a new captain at the helm so it will be very interesting to see what transpires there.

Another item not talked about much at all but that I think is very interesting and important is what will happen with manager Paul Molitor. Molitor is in year three of a three-year deal.

When Derek Falvey and Thad Levine moved to town it was apparently with the understanding that Molitor would stay on as the Twins manager in 2017. Well, 2017 is half over and the only mention I have heard about Molitor staying or leaving was a quick blurb that his situation would be resolved after the season ends.

I have stated here previously that I am not a big fan of Molitor as a MLB manager and to my way of thinking I have seen nothing after 2 1/2 years to change my mind. I see Molitor as a “Gene Mauch” type of manager, technically very bright but not a manager who can motivate today’s players, manage a winning team and sell his brand of baseball to the fans of Minnesota. To me he seems like a manager who thinks he can win with his managing skills versus letting the players play. He has to be one of the worst managers the team has ever had in terms of bullpen management and use and his line-ups have often wonder what the man is thinking . I have never heard anyone complain as much as he does about his bullpen being over worked.

I know that Molitor has worked with most of the Twins young players in the minors but what has he done in his term as the Twins skipper to take them to the next level and become big league caliber? Do the players respect him? I would have to guess the young players do but the older players, not so much. How do you explain the recent situation with Hector Santiago deciding to pitch the way he wanted versus following the game plan?

Does Molitor help sell tickets? I say no, most of the time he is unapproachable and ducks fans when ever he can, he is not one to talk baseball with the average fan. Baseball is entertainment and should be fun, Molitor makes every game look like a war.

I can’t help but wonder also how Molitor is enjoying his managing gig under Falvey and Levine. Every time I see him on TV he looks older and older and more stressed out. Does the man ever smile or laugh? 

Molitor’s future may well depend on how the Twins fare during the rest of this season, it would be very difficult for Falvey and Levine to let Molitor go regardless of what they may think of him as the Twins manager if the Twins make the playoffs in 2017 although the odds of that happening are long. If you think you know what the future holds, you should be aware that baseball odds for the MLB are available at William Hill where you can put a few dollars down on your favorite team to win it all.

I think Molitor’s days as the Minnesota Twins manager are numbered and that at the end of the season he will walk away from his current job and both sides will be happier for it. But stranger things have happened in baseball and if you think

What do you think? Does Paul Molitor deserve to be the Twins go-forward manager?

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