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Berrios wins again


Jose Berrios

Jose Berrios improved his record to 7-1 in eight starts with a solid eight inning performance in the Twins’ win over the White Sox. Berrios is the sixth pitcher in Senators/Twins history to win at least seven of his first eight starts of a season. The others were Walter Johnson, who did it in 1913 (7-1) and 1925 (7-1), Joe Boehling in 1913 (7-0), Jerry Koosman in 1979 (7-0), Geoff Zahn in 1979 (7-1) and Francisco Liriano in 2006 (7-1).

Home Runs and Strikeouts, Strikeouts and Home Runs

Major League Baseball seems odds-on to set single-season industry-wide records for both home runs and strikeouts. There were 238 home runs hit in 72 major-league games from Friday to Tuesday, an average of 3.31 homers per game. That was the most homer-happy five-day period in the 142-year history of Major League Baseball, whether reckoned by total homers or by average per game.

But strikeouts grabbed the Elias Says headlines on Wednesday night, as major-league teams struck out a total of 290 times over 15 games. That average of 19.33 strikeouts per game was the highest on any day with at least 12 games played in major-league history. The previous record was set on Sept. 14, 2015, when there was an average of 19.25 strikeouts over 12 games.

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  1. john gnazzo says:

    Is the ball juiced?
    Are bats stronger?
    Or is it global climate change?

  2. jjswol says:

    Justin Verlander has stated he thinks that the seems on the ball are tighter making is harder for pitchers to spin the ball but how then do you explain the strike outs? What has made Target Field the leading ballpark to hit home runs in from the pitchers park it used to be when it opened?

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