According to ELIAS

Twins sweep Royals


Jason Castro

Jason Castro hit a game-winning double and scored two runs as the Twins completed a three-game sweep of the Royals at Target Field. Minnesota allowed just five runs over the seasons (since 2011), the only other series sweep of at least three games in which the Twins allowed five-or-fewer runs was from April 11 to 13, 2014 at Target Field. Their opponent in that series was also the Royals (allowed five runs, with the same sequence of one run allowed in each in the first two games and three in the third).

Did you know that the Minnesota Twins longest winning streak to start a new season is just six games? Back in 1968 the Twins started on the road beating the Senators (2-0, 5-4) and Yankees (6-0, 4-3) twice, beat the Orioles 6-3 and then came come and beat the Senators again 13-1 before losing game seven to the Senators 7-6.


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