Minnesota Twins go high tech….. back in 1967

Their computer might have looked like this. Is that Derek Falvey?

According to the February 25, 1967 issue of the Sporting News the Minnesota Twins went high-tech by installing their first computer in their accounting department and Twins PR man Tom Mee thought that in the future they might even use it for Twins statistics. 1967 was the year that IBM created the first floppy disk, the first CES (Consumer Electronic Show) was held and GPS first became available for commercial use. About the same time the Minnesota Twins also announced that they would begin accepting credit cards for ticket purchases albeit only from “our good” customers said Twins ticket manager Charlie Lavender. The article also has a nice story about Cesar Tovar, one of the forgotten Twins.

Sporting News Feb 25, 1967 P 23

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  1. Oldgoat_MN says:

    Cesar Tovar cannot be forgotten.
    He is only unknown to those who never heard of him.

    Great personality for the Twins and one of my favorite players back in the day.

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