Who is this guy and why is he the last of his kind?

Question mark 2I was the Boston Red Sox 18th round selection in 1991 as an outfielder. In the spring of 1995 circumstances dictated that I become a replacement player. I made my major league debut as the Red Sox starting center-fielder on May 21, 1995 in Fenway Park and I had two hits, a run scored and an RBI. Just two years later I was a relief pitcher and appeared in 28 games for the Red Sox and posted a 3-0 record. After leaving Boston I pitched for the A’s, Marlins, Cubs, Rangers, Braves, Royals and finally for the Twins where my 14 year big league career ended. I once spent the off-season working as an extra on “All my Children”. My legacy, right or wrong, is that I am the last replacement player to retire from major league baseball. Who is this guy?

If you have no clue who it is but what to know, you can read the article below.

The last replacement player


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