Twins have shot to go to triple digits in losses today

number-100The Twins will be giving away Twins Stocking Caps this evening to help Twins fans get through the tough upcoming winter prior to facing the Seattle Mariners at Target Field in game number 155 of the 2016 season. The Twins record stands at 55-99 (35.5 games out of first) as the team tries to wrap up what will probably be the teams worst season ever since they started play in Minnesota in 1961.

The Twins have lost 100 or more games just once and that was their 60-102 season in 1982. The ’82 Twins lost game number 100 in their 159th game of the year at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto on September 30th by a 6-4 score. The following season, 1983, the Twins went on to win 70 games and finally reached the .500 mark in 1984.

Sadly today’s Twins have a chance to lose game 100 sooner than the 1982 team and in all likely hood will lose more than 102 games. With no Head of Baseball Operations nor a General Manager yet hired all we fans can do is sit and wait to see what happens next. Wait, how is that different then what we have done all season?

A bad job to have about now? Minnesota Twins season ticket sales, if you have that job make sure you get paid by-the-hour versus on a commission basis.

UPDATE – Twins lost game number 100 on Sunday, September 25 in their final home game by a 4-3 score to the Seattle Mariners and they still have six games to play, all on the road.

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