I’m tired of this BS that the Minnesota Twins call professional baseball!

soap-boxTigers 8-game winning streak in Minnesota

The Tigers beat the Twins Thursday afternoon extending their winning streak in Minnesota to eight games. That matches the longest current road winning streak for any team against a particular opponent. The Yankees have won eight straight games at Atlanta (2009-present) and the Angels have won eight in a row in Colorado (2001-present).

It’s the longest road winning streak for the Tigers against the Twins since the team moved from Washington to Minnesota in 1961 and the longest against the franchise since they won 11 straight road games against the Senators from 1949 to 1950.

The two paragraphs above come from According to ELIAS. Way too much news like this coming out of Target Field, is there any good news at all? Hope has turned into despair in Twins Territory. Even for a long time Twins fan like myself it is difficult to watch the 2016 Minnesota Twins. I just can’t understand why this team keeps making the same mistakes over and over. Sending players to the minors has not worked, as a matter of fact a case could be made that the Twins keep their players in the minors too long. Players seem to be regress in the Twins system versus get better. Once these players reach Minnesota they seem to fall apart totally after a short stay.

So what do you do? Here is what I would do. First off I would do nothing until this season comes to a merciful end. Then I would fire the entire big league coaching staff who have proven in their two years that they have no clue as to how to turn a number of good players into a competitive baseball team. I would take away any and all baseball decision making from President Dave St. Peter who is nothing but a “yes” man for ownership and let him run the Minnesota Twins business side which is his strong suit. Director of Minor League Operations Brad Steil and Director of Scouting Deron Johnson should be told thank you and good luck. Enough of this reassignment crap, when you prove you can’t do the job you have you should be sent packing and not given another job in the organization where they will continue to add no value and keep someone from getting a job they deserve. The Twins are still paying Bill Smith for god’s sake, not to mention Wayne Krivsky, what is up with that? This isn’t a retirement home, it is a business. Bottom line is that responsibility for everything falls in the lap of owner Jim Pohlad, if he can’t figure out how to run this business he should sell it to someone who can. Minnesota Twins fans deserve a team they can be proud of, not one to make jokes about. Former owner Calvin Griffith is probably rolling around in his grave.

All righty then, once we have cast adrift all the deadwood I would then hire and pay big money to get an experienced and proven baseball man to be Head of Baseball Operations who will have the final say on all baseball related activities. I don’t want to see some college hotshot who is first in his class in book learning, I want a real baseball man. I have no problem with Rob Antony assuming the full time GM role as he continues to learn and fulfills the administrative role. In my vision the HBO does the heavy baseball lifting and the GM does the execution. These jobs shouldn’t go to someone that has been around a long time and is a “good guy”, we need people that know how to win. What experience does Brad Steil really have running the minor leagues, what has Deron Johnson done as head of Scouting?

Now on to the on the field side, the new manager has to be tough and proven. No more hand holding and participation stuff. I want to see a team that plays together and when they make mental mistakes I want them to pay for them with a hit to their wallet. These guys are making all kinds of money and if they can’t do the job it should cost them where it hurts since now days teams can’t or won’t cut a players salary.

Only 35 games to go and 23.5 games out of first place. I’m tired of this BS that the Minnesota Twins call professional baseball!

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2 Responses to I’m tired of this BS that the Minnesota Twins call professional baseball!

  1. Oldgoat_MN says:

    I just cannot understand the draft picks. For years the Twins selected TALL pitchers, as if this little trick was going to give them an edge. Johan Santana is listed as 6’0″, which probably entails a little exaggeration.

    Then we started drafting college relief pitchers. You know those guys? The ones who weren’t good enough to start in college but we were going to groom them for MLB?

    How about drafting starting pitchers who are effective? Why not? It might work.

  2. Private says:

    You want Antony??? Sorry, jj, your competence has been revealed to lie in other matters. Antony is ignorant about measuring baseball success. Apparently numbers are hard for him and he’s allergic to reading.

    Embarrassingly poor suggestion! If he has any responsibilities after the necessary makeover, the team is dead.

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