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Mauer’s first walkoff RBI since 2007

Joe Mauer 2016Joe Mauer drew a walk with the bases full in the last of the 12th inning, allowing the winning run to score as the Twins defeated the White Sox, 2-1 last night. Yes, the old walkoff walk, the fifth in the majors this season, but the first for the Twins since a game in 2007 when they also accepted one from the White Sox.

Now, the hard-to-believe part: That was only the second walkoff RBI for Mauer in his 13-year major-league career. The other one came in a game against the Athletics in 2007, which the Twins star ended with a ninth-inning single off Joe Kennedy.

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2 Responses to According to ELIAS

  1. Oldgoat_MN says:

    That is amazing. Really…

    To be fair, when he was the hitting machine that he was for so many years he got a lot of IBB in situations where a hit would win the game.

    Still, the law of averages would seem to insist that this is an impossibly low number.

    • jjswol says:

      I agree with you, I also find it very surprising. He got that IBB again tonight in spite of how he has been hitting with RISP.

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