Why would Twins want to trade Ervin Santana?

Ervin Santana 2016There has been lots of rumors floating around that Ervin Santana is available and to be honest I don’t understand it and I don’t believe it. I am not saying that GM Terry Ryan shouldn’t listen to offers because with this Twins team he should be listening to any and all offers.

However; Santana is worth more to Minnesota than he is to any other team because here in Minnesota he is currently their best pitcher and he is locked up for at least 2 years if not three with his option and this Twins team is going to get better sooner than later. Why would you want to put the team in a hole if you have no replacement ready? This young Twins team needs to learn to win and it needs veterans to help them to do that.

There is even talk that the Twins are going to agree to pay part of Santana’s salary to take him off their hands and supposedly this will help the Twins get better players in return. That is just plain preposterous, why would the Twins want to move Santana, pay someone to take him and probably get prospects in return. At this stage of the Twins rebuild the team should not be looking for prospects, they need major league ready players to get them to the next step up the ladder towards the playoffs. Instead of getting prospects they should be ready to move some prospects to get the players they need.

Having said that, there are some pieces on this team that are of no value to the team in the long run and I would have no  issue with getting prospects for them if that is all they will fetch, but Ervin Santana is not one of those players.

Bottom line, trading Ervin Santana would be stupid unless he would fetch a king’s ransom of players, which he will not, so keep him until we get more starting pitching and then you can still move him down the line if we should be so fortunate.

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