Twins can’t be fixed unless they trade Joe Mauer

Joe MauerThe Minnesota have lots of issues that need fixing and in spite of their horrendous pitching the very first problem they need to address is Joe Mauer. I know Mauer is making $23 million a year but money is not the issue here. The problem here is that he is playing first base and hitting in one of the top three spots in the batting order while hitting .258 with 26 RBI in 337 plate appearances. Catcher Kurt Suzuki who hits in the bottom of the order is hitting .278 with 25 RBI in just 194 PA’s. I am not trying to show how good Suzuki is, I am trying to show how bad Mauer really is.

In spite of the money that Mauer makes and how poorly he hits, the most biggest problem with Mauer is that he is blocking lots of other moves that can make this team better. I know that Mauer has a no-trade clause and he wants to be a Twin for life but the time has come for Joe to move on. I like Mauer as a person but the reality is that the best thing for Joe and the Minnesota Twins is for him to say good-bye to the Land of 10,000 Lakes and join a contender. Joe deserves to be on a playoff contender as he plays his 13th season in the majors and his leaving would start a new era in Twins baseball. Mauer has been the face of the franchise for years but he has never been the Twins leader. To me it is ironic that an athlete that was good enough to be a catcher, a quarterback, and a point guard doesn’t have leadership skills. Mauer is a follower and not a leader but it is difficult for any other Twins player to step up and assume the leadership role as long as Mauer dons a Twins uniform.

Twins General Manager Terry Ryan  (Pioneer Press: John Autey)

Twins General Manager Terry Ryan (Pioneer Press: John Autey)

GM Terry Ryan and the rest of the organization have to bite the bullet on this one and move Mauer to a team that works for him and probably receive very little in return unless they are willing to swallow a huge chunk of Mauer’s salary. There is just no way I can see Mauer starting for this team the next two plus years without hindering its progress. The team is out the money anyway so why not move Joe to a contender and free up a roster spot and make it a win/win for Mauer, the Twins and most of all, the fans.

It is hard to move forward when you have an anchor that keeps you in that same old spot. Lots of things in our life are not fun to do but these tasks still need to be done, life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. Step up Mr. Ryan and let’s get this deal done.

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3 Responses to Twins can’t be fixed unless they trade Joe Mauer

  1. Rick N. says:

    I don’t see Joe waving the no trade clause. We just have to hope that somewhere along the line he has some type of resurgence like Justin Morneau did for awhile after the concussion issues. I agree that Joe is as classy a person the Twins could ever ask for. If I were Molitor, I would move him down to 7th in the order. Maybe that takes some pressure off him and he responds favorably. I think most Twins fans hate to see his talent fail him like it has. And are frustrated, but also hoping to see glimpses of the old Joe Mauer at some point. Damn those concussions. It really hurt our rebuilding effort.

    • jjswol says:

      I think Joe has some other physical issues besides his past concussion problems and it would be great for him to have a resurgence but I don’t think it is in the cards.

  2. God's Left Hand says:

    You are correct that Mauer needs to be uninstalled from the 3/1b position (batting 3rd playing 1st base). That said, no one is going to trade for him as it stands unless the Twins eat nearly the entire contract. He simply has no value as a 1B to any contender; the Mets were the only one in need of a 1B and they got Mauer already for basically the league minimum in James Loney. So that takes us to the point, Mauer needs to step up, show the team-first leader he needs to be, and take over the role that his statistics say he is already, a utility player. It may need to happen over the summer but he needs to increase his versatility and try to play some corner outfield or some other positions and that would increase his value dramatically, both to the Twins and to himself. It would make him tradeable for one and would keep him around and relevant for longer in his career. If he doesn’t, I don’t see his career continuing past his 2018 contract, he simply doesn’t provide enough value as a mediocre line-drive hitting 1B. I would love to see Mauer play for the Twins for his entire career as much as anyone but I simply think that this has to happen for us (and him) to realize that dream. As was stated in the article, he is a great athlete, so I truly believe this transition can be accomplished. I sincerely hope it does.

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