Know your 2016 Minnesota Twins crossword


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The Twins have started their 2016 season with games in Baltimore and Kansas City and are coming home to play their home opener today at Target Field with a 0-6 record against those hated Chicago White Sox who are 4-2. The Twins are the only team in the American League that has yet to win a game in 2016. No Minnesota Twins team has started a new season this poorly.

Never-the-less it is good to see the Twins again and I think that the team will turn things around and play better than it has so far. The Twins have numerous returning players and they have some new players for you to get to know. Today it is time to see how well you know the 2016 team and the Twins organization as a whole with the attached crossword puzzle. Have fun!

Know your 2016 Twins crossword

Once you have brought the puzzle up and are ready to print the puzzle, do a right-click with your mouse and you might want to do a print preview first to get the puzzle the right size to fit on a single page. The clues for the puzzle will print on page 2.

Answers? You want answers? Probably just to double-check your work because if you are checking out this site you are probably a big Twins fan and will not need any research to complete the puzzle. If you do need help answering some, the answer might be found else where on this site. If you must see the answers, you can find them on the link below but only do so as a last resort. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.

Know your 2016 Twins crossword answers

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