Minnesota Twins disabled list history

DLHow often have you heard MLB GM’s and managers say that if their team stays healthy and avoids the DL that they can be good, maybe really good and make a run at the playoffs? You would be rich if you got a nickel for every time that has been said. But how true is it? Truth be told it is not the number of injuries or days spent on the DL that will hurt you, it is WHO gets hurt. Lose a key player or two and your goose is cooked and it is wait until next year most of the time. Injuries to average players can be covered by an adequate bench or minor league players ready to move up to the next level, injured stars usually can not be replaced.

Off and on for the last couple of weeks I have worked on putting together some historical information on Twins injuries going back as far as I could and that turned out to be 1982. I have put this data on a new page on this site called Twins DL or just click on Twins DL in the site menu above.  If you get a few minutes check it out.

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