1965 American League Champions crossword puzzle – Part 36

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The snow is falling and it is a bit chilly outside as you rush around preparing for the up-coming holiday season. Presents to buy, decorating to do and all that baking is still to be done or maybe you are just at the office looking to kill some time before your next meeting so maybe you should sit down for a bit and forget all the pressures of your life and think back 50 years to the summer of 1965 and the great pennant run of Minnesota Twins.

I have been doing a series on the 1965 American League champions all season long in this the 50th anniversary of that great season. This is the 36th and final installment of that series and it is in the form of a crossword puzzle. It will hopefully bring back some wonderful memories of the year when the Minnesota Twins won 102 games and advanced to the 1965 World Series only to lose in seven games to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The puzzle contains the names of all the players and coaches (some more than once) that were on the 1965 roster and many other interesting facts about the 1965 Twins team.

Once you have brought the puzzle up and are ready to print the puzzle, do a right-click with your mouse and you might want to do a print preview first to get the puzzle the right size to fit on a single page. The clues for the puzzle will print on page 2.

1965 American League Champions crossword

Answers? You want answers? Probably just to double-check your work because if you are checking out this site you are probably a big Twins fan and will not need any research to complete the puzzle. If you do need help answering some, the answer might be found else where on this site. If you must see the answers, you can find them on the link below but only do so as a last resort. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it.

1965 American League Champions crossword answers

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