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Sano launches pinch-hit game-winning homer in 12th inning

Miguel Sanol 2015Miguel Sano is only the second rookie in the last 27 seasons (1989-2015) to hit a pinch-hit game-winning home run in the 12th inning or later. Prior to Sano, the most recent rookies to do that were Lyle Overbay (2003 Diamondbacks, 12th inning) and Mark Parent (1988 Padres, 16th inning), both against the Dodgers.

Sano’s manager, Hall-of-Famer Paul Molitor, had two-career game-winning RBI in the 12th inning–one on a single at Seattle in 1979, and one on a double off another Cooperstown inductee, Goose Gossage, in 1993–but he never had one later in a game than that.

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