This Day in Twins History – August 19, 2013

Joe Mauer 4Catcher Joe Mauer goes 2 for 4 but the Twins lose 6-1 to the New York Mets in a meaning less make-up game at Target Field. Turns out that this is probably the last time that Mauer will ever catch for the Twins. The next day Mauer has concussion symptoms and misses the rest of the season. Mauer caught the entire game but took a foul tip off his mask during the game. On November 11, 2013 the Twins and Mauer announce that Mauer is giving up catching and moving to play 1B where he has played a total of 56 games over the last three seasons.

So many issues with the Twins might be solved if Mauer was still the catcher…..

Since Joe moved to first base he has played in 237 games hitting .271 with 12 home runs and 106 RBI, in those 1,002 plate appearances he has struck out 175 times. In his first four big league seasons Mauer had 183 strike outs in 1,755 PA’s.

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