Thanks for stopping by in 2014

Thank YouI just wanted take a few minutes and thank each of you that stopped by this past year and continue to support the site with your continued interest. This past year we had people from 144 countries visit the site at one time or another. Is that amazing or what?

Our site volume continues to grow, up about 11% from last year and that is always nice to see. We had 195 new blog posting this past year and that is also up from 2013. Sure it would be nice to have new blog content everyday but the ultimate goal of this site is what it always has been and continues to be, a Minnesota Twins historical web site. Even though there is not new blog content published daily you can rest assured that there has been new content of some type added each day to one of the 70+ pages that make up I look at this site just like we do at our home and yard, always a work in progress and the job will never be totally done.

In 2014 our most popular pages have been Today in Twins History and the Twins Audio and Video Clips page. This past year our most visited blog was Manager ejections by the numbers which was written back in March of 2013 but continues to be updated.

The top referring sites to in 2014 were Twins Daily and Baseball-Reference. We very much appreciate all the traffic that these two sites and others have sent our direction and we too send traffic to other sites with our links, works well for everyone involved.

So thank you all again and we hope you have a wonderful 2015, that the Twins can approach the .500 mark and that you and your friends keep visiting us at

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