CenturyLink Sports Complex Infographic

CenturyLink Sports Complex infographix

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3 Responses to CenturyLink Sports Complex Infographic

  1. Steve Buhr says:

    I’m anxious to see the finished product if I can get down there for ST in March.

    Here’s one thing that has struck me as odd ever since the design plans went public, though: The open entrance behind home plate is a result of removing a LOT of seats from arguably the best viewing vantage point in the stadium – right behind home plate! Sure, it looks nice, but I can’t imagine a group of businesspeople seeing that proposal and thinking, “Yeah, take out half the seats behind home plate. Great idea!”

    • jjswol says:

      That is an interesting observation about the ballpark. Yet, when all is said and done the total seating capacity will actually have gone up from where it was when this all started. Seats behind home plate are a different story.

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