Twins find new way to improve on the field product

Construction imageThe Minnesota Twins announced yesterday that they would like to build a new “destination bar” and add a “skyline suite” by combining several existing suites down the left field line before the team begins play at Target field on April 13. The bar would replace retail space on the main concourse between Gate 6 and the left-field foul pole.

The cost for the renovation is expected to be about $2.5 million and no public funds will be requested for these improvements to the ballpark. The Twins need to get approval from the Minnesota Ballpark Authority (MBA) which operates Target Field.  The  MBA is expected to approve the plan. According to MBA executive director Dan Kenney “We like the fact that the team has continued to invest in a first-class facility,” adding that the team has spent at least $10 million to upgrade the facility since it opened in April 2010.

With attendance dropping from 3.2 million in 2010 to 2.2 million this past season the Twins are looking for ways to stop the attendance decline and improve their on the field product. I’m not sure these improvements fit the bill. My personal take on this years proposed renovations to Target Field is “are you serious?” Boring! Combining a couple of suites to make one larger suite doesn’t even constitute a renovation in my book and certainly adds nothing to improve the average fans experience at the ballpark.

But what about the new destination bar you say? The one that will also have a “video element” so that patrons can watch the action on the field? Maybe Twins fans are going to the bar so that they don’t have to watch the on the field product. Target Field needs another bar? They already have the Town Ball Tavern, Hrbek’s, and Twins Pub (which is actually two bars). It appears that the Twins organization must be thinking that they can make the on the field Twins look better after you have a few drinks. With the way the Twins have played since 2011 it probably takes several drinks to make the Twins team worth watching in person so the Twins may be on to something there. Maybe the Twins should invest that $2.5 million towards a pitcher that could help them win a few more games but then again if you look at it from a business perspective and you ask what will help my ROI more, a pitcher or a bar? Jim Pohlad, Dave St. Peter and the rest of the Twins gang said, let’s go with the sure thing and go with the bar. Same old play it safe don’t take any chances Minnesota Twins for you.

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