Our last World Series, how long has it been?

MLB World Series trophyThe 2014 MLB season is over and the San Francisco Giants have won their third World Series in the last five years, congratulations to the Giants. I wanted the Kansas City Royals to win and they made it close, but no cigar for the Royals. The fact that the Royals did not win could be my fault because my World Series favorites always lose, I think the last team I cheered for in the World Series that won it all were the 1991 Minnesota Twins.

When the playoffs started lots of fans were jumping on the KC bandwagon because they had not been to a World Series in 29 years and everyone except maybe Yankee and Red Sox fans likes an underdog. So now that the Royals have been to a World Series again, what teams out there have not played in a World Series in a long time? The other day someone from the Twins called me to try to get me to sign up for Twins season tickets again and during the conversation the topic of “last to first” came up in the discussion. It was then that it dawned on my how long it has been since our Twins last played in a World Series, it was 1991, 23 seasons ago, wow, that is a long time. Everyone talks about those poor Cubbies whose last appearance in a World Series was in 1945, that was before I was born and many generations of Cub fans have been born and died and have never seen their team play in the Fall Classic. Is that crazy or what? Two teams, the Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos who began play in 1969 and the Seattle Mariners who began play in 1977 have never ever appeared in a World Series.

Last appearance in a World Series

Nationals/Expos Never started play in 1969
Mariners Never Started play in 1977
Cubs 1945
Pirates 1979
Brewers/Pilots 1982 Started play in 1969
Orioles 1983
Dodgers 1988
A’s 1990
Reds 1990
Twins/Senators 1991
Blue Jays 1993 Started play in 1977
Indians 1997
Padres 1998 Started play in 1969
Braves 1999
Mets 2000 Started play in 1962
Diamondbacks 2001 Started play in 1998
Angels 2002 Started play in 1961
Marlins 2003 Started play in 1993
Astros 2005 Started play in 1962
White Sox 2005
Rockies 2007 Started play in 1993
Rays 2008 Started play in 1998
Phillies 2009
Yankees 2009
Rangers/Senators 2011 Started play in 1961
Tigers 2012
Red Sox 2013
Cardinals 2013
Royals 2014
Giants 2014

World Series appearances since 1961

Yankees 15
Cardinals 10
Dodgers 8
Orioles 6
Red Sox 6
Reds 6
A’s 6
Giants 6
Braves 5
Phillies 5
Tigers 4
Mets 4 Started play in 1962
Royals 3 Started play in 1969
Twins 3
Indians 2
Marlins 2 Started play in 1993
Pirates 2
Padres 2 Started play in 1969
Rangers/Senators 2 Started play in 1961
Blue Jays 2 Started play in 1977
Diamondbacks 1 Started play in 1998
White Sox 1
Rockies 1 Started play 1993
Astros 1 Started play in 1962
Angels 1 Started play in 1961
Brewers/Pilots 1 Started play in 1969
Rays 1 Started play in 1998
National/Expos 0 Started play in 1969
Mariners 0 Started play in 1977
Cubs 0

I guess it is tough being a baseball fan in the windy city…..

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