Sticky: Changes or additions to the site

  • Updated “Length of Games” page under “additional menu selections”. 12/8/2017
  • Added “1963 Twins Media Guide” to our Twins Media Guides page. 12/3/2017
  • Added new trivia quiz about “Twins Home Runs” on the Twins Trivia Questions page. 12/1/2017
  • Added links to one-hitters pitched for and against the Twins under “additional Menu Selections”. 11/28/2017
  • Added link to Twins Opening Day Lineups and Twins Depth Chart under “Additional Menu Selections”. 11/25/2017
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  1. Alejandro Machado was on the 40-man roster for pretty much the entire year, a Rule 5 draftee by The Twins in 2007 and kept because he was disabled, which allowed the twins to keep him the following years – 2008/2009, in which he never received a callup, but still listedas a major league player (similar to Logan Darnell this season, who was recalled in September but failed to pitch because of illness).

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