Blast from the Past

The Minnesota Twins have had some power hitters over the years and Harmon Killebrew was the greatest of them all. The Twins called Met Stadium home when Harmon played and he hit 262 home runs as a Twin at the Met and added two more when he was a Kansas City Royal.

But I want to test your memory here, I want to see if you can complete the list of the top 10 visiting player home run hitters at Met Stadium. You don’t have to tell me how many home runs the player hit at Met Stadium, all you need to do is give me his name and I will add the player to the correct spot on the list and fill in how many home runs he hit at the Met and how many games he played there. I will tell you this to get you started, the most home runs hit by a visiting player is 20. I will also start you out by telling you that Sal Bando is number 10 on the list. There are no prizes, this is just a memory exercise. Send me your guesses at Have fun!

Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson

Player Home Runs Games
Reggie Jackson  20  81
 Carl Yastrzemski  18 131
 Norm Cash  17 87
 Al Kaline  16 85
Boog Powell  15  88
 Frank Howard  15 54
 Elston Howard  14  53
 Mickey Mantle  14  49
Willie Horton  13  91
Sal Bando 13 99

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Great job everyone, thank you!

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12 Responses to Blast from the Past

  1. G-Lanz says:

    I would have to think Reggie Jackson is high on the list.

  2. Mariam says:

    Reggie belongs up there…

  3. JCT says:

    Reggie might top the list. In no particularl order:

    Rocky Colavito

    Roger Maris

    Mickey Mantle

    Al Kaline

    Frank Howard

  4. George says:

    Let’s see . . . guys who were around much of 1961-81 . . .
    I would bet on: Yaz, Jackson,

    I wonder about: Kaline, Boog Powell, Brooks Robinson, Don Baylor, Frank Robinson . . . maybe even George Scott, Willie Horton, and Colavito?

    • jjswol says:

      Yaz, Kaline, Powell and Horton are on the list.

      • George says:

        All right — I’ve been chewing on this for a while now. I had set aside Norm Cash (nice overlap year wise, but I didn’t think of him as having a strong career after the early 60s). I just looked up his career . . . 377 HRs. I’ll guess over a dozen were in the Met.

        The only other reasonable ideas I have are John Mayberry and Graig Nettles. Mayberry played in the division in the 70s, so he’s possible, but I think he would have had to have an affinity for the Met to get more than a dozen there. Nettles was in the East, so he had only 6 games a year at the Met, but he had maybe 11 years of visiting the Met . . . 60+ games? So he’s a reasonable guess.

        • jjswol says:

          George, Norm Cash is number three on the list. Number 7 on the list will surprise you I think. He had less then 175 career home runs but he hit 18 of them at Municpal Stadium as a visiting player and he also hit 14 at the Met as a visiting player. I will give you a clue, he was the first African-American to play for this team and he also played in the Negro League for three years.

  5. Mariam says:

    Okay…Elston Howard?

    • jjswol says:

      Great job Mariam, you nailed him. 14 home runs in just 53 games. He is another reason the Twins have been easy pickings for the New York Yankee for ever.

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