Maddux, Glavine, Thomas elected to HOF

Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux

Congratulations to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas on getting elected to the Hall of Fame in their first year on the BBWAA ballot. All three cleared the 75-percent threshold required to gain election to the Hall of Fame and thus will be inducted in ceremonies July 25-28 at Cooperstown, N.Y. According to the BBWAA web site, “Maddux was the leading vote getter with 555 votes of the 571 ballots, including one blank, cast by senior members of the BBWAA, writers with 10 or more consecutive years of service. That represented 97.2 percent of the vote. Glavine received 525 votes (91.9 percent) and Thomas 478 (83.7).

Tom Glavine

Tom Glavine

In his second year on the ballot Craig Biggio missed getting elected by just two votes. Former Twins pitcher Pitcher Jack Morris received 351 votes (61.5) in his final year on the ballot and will be eligible for the Expansion Era Committee consideration in the fall of 2016. Former Twins reliever Todd Jones who had asked that no one vote for him for the HOF was granted his wish and he will be dropped from the ballot. Former Twins outfielder Jacque Jones and pitcher Kenny Rogers each received but one vote and will also be dropped from future HOF ballots. Rafael Palmeiro only received 4.4% of the vote and will also be dropped from future voting. You can see the complete voting results at .

Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas

I am very disappointed that Tim Raines (46.10%), and Edgar Martinez (25.20%) received such low vote totals, I don’t understand how some of the voters can not vote for these and other baseball greats. It appears that the DH role continues to plague some players and I just don’t understand that. DH is a position created by major league baseball and yet voters do not give it the credit it deserves. Each position has unique characteristics and has to be looked at in its own right. Wake up voters, the DH has been around for 40 years and it is not going away in the near future so give the men that play the DH role the credit they deserve. Closers only pitch an inning or so in about 60 games a season, often lose more games than they win and damn near never hit and yet you have no problem electing them to th HOF and yet most DH’s are kept out? STUPID!

On a side note, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) hit it right on this year by selecting Maddux, Glavine and Thomas to be elected to the HOF. You can see how we voted here.


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2 Responses to Maddux, Glavine, Thomas elected to HOF

  1. Glenn Luce says:

    Edgar Martinez didn’t get elected to the Hall of Fame. He SHOULD NOT have been elected. People say the DH is a Major League position. DH is and American League position. Martinez when I played the field was a poor fielder. Below average fielder below average power means NO HOF.

    • jjswol says:

      Glenn, The last time I checked the American League was considered major league. Martinez had over 500 games at 3B as an average 3B until he suffered some injuries and the team asked him to move to DH so they could keep his bat in the line-up. He didn’t have to move but because he was a team player he did. I would not call 309 big league home runs no power. He has a career .312 batting average and a .933 OPS. Two time batting champ, seven time all-star and five time Silver Slugger winner. The DH has been a major league position for 40 years, it is about time people accept it as such. It makes no difference if you agree with the DH rule or not, it exists and players play the position.

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