Who am I?


I was a Minnesota Twins 19th round pick and I played in Minnesota for all or parts of three seasons before being traded. During one of those seasons, I was named to the Topps All-Star Rookie team. During my time as a Twin I had 1,062 plate appearances with a .260 batting average with 24 home runs. I hold the Twins career record for most plate appearances without being hit by a pitch. As a matter of fact, no player in franchise history going back to 1901 has ever stepped up to the plate as many times as I have without being plunked at least once. There are only 12 players in major league history with 1,000 or more plate appearances and a zero in the “Hit by Pitch” column and I am one of them. I do however; have a long ways to go to catch up with the all-time leader who is Mark Lemke with 3,664 plate appearances and was never hit by a pitch.  So who am I?

Just as a FYI, Nolan Ryan had 957 plate appearances without being hit by a pitch. In his 27 seasons he hit 158 batters and no one ever retaliated? Hard to believe.


Danny Valencia

Danny Valencia

Update as of November 10 – As you can see by the comments section, Shane Wahl nailed it right away that it was former Twins 3B Danny Valencia. Nice job Shane.

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    Danny Valencia

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