According to Elias

Angry faceThe Twins committed four errors and were blanked by a score of 11-0 in Oakland last night. It is only the second time that the Twins committed at least four errors in a shutout loss by a double-digit margin since the team moved to Minnesota. The only other game of that type that the Twins have had was on April 12, 1994 when they were blanked 12-0 and committed five errors against the Mariners in Seattle. The last major-league team with that dismal a performance was the Rays, who were pummeled 13-0 by the Yankees while committing four errors on May 16, 2002 at Yankee Stadium.

Come Twins, let’s get Gardy at least 3 more wins and wrap up this dismal season. I love baseball and the Minnesota Twins but even I can’t watch this team play the last month or so. I check in on the games during commercial breaks and usually watch the score escalate against the Twins. It has been a long time since I have seen the Twins play this bad. I know it doesn’t do any good to get angry over the Twins play but there is soooooooo little hope for next year.

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