Twins top grand slam home run hitters

Harmon Killebrew

Harmon Killebrew

The Twins have hit three gand slam home runs so far this year. Five Twins players (Allison, Carew, Hrbek, Puckett and Hunter) have each hit three grand slam home runs in a single season. Eighty one different Twins players have hit home runs in a Twins uni with the bases loaded but only 33 players have done it more then once. But who is the Twins king of the grand salami? What Twins player has hit the most career grand slam home runs wearing a Twins uniform?

Rk Player From To HR
1 Harmon Killebrew 1961 1974 10
2 Torii Hunter 1999 2007 9
3 Kent Hrbek 1981 1994 8
4 Kirby Puckett 1984 1995 7
5 Jason Kubel 2006 2011 7
6 Justin Morneau 2003 2013 7
7 Gary Gaetti 1981 1990 6
8 Michael Cuddyer 2002 2011 5
9 Don Mincher 1961 1966 5
10 Rod Carew 1967 1978 4
11 Bob Allison 1961 1970 4
12 Shane Mack 1990 1994 4
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Who has hit the most grand slam home runs since 1961 you ask? None other then Alex Rodriguez who has 23. But then again how many would have he had hit if he had not juiced…. Manny Ramirez is next with 21.

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3 Responses to Twins top grand slam home run hitters

  1. corey says:

    Torri Hunter?? Wow, I didn’t realize he had that many GS’s with the Twins!

  2. James W. Pirsig says:

    My father took me to a game at Met and my memory is Killebrew hit a grand slam and also another homer. Thought game was against k.c. Athletics and final score of Twins winning 12 to 4? Was it a dream or can you tell me the date of this game? Thank you!

    • jjswol says:


      From what I can determine the game you are referring to took place on July 18, 1962 when the Twins beat the Cleveland Indians 14-3. That is the infamous game when the Twins hit two GS home runs in the first inning. I remember that game too as my brother and I had finished helping milk the cows and we ran down to the river to go fishing, naturally we took our transistor radio with us to listen to the Twins game.

      Thanks for stopping by the site.
      John Swol

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