How do Twins beer prices compare

beerWith the Twins battling to avoid last place in the AL central division we know how the Minnesota Twins compare to the rest of baseball on the playing field. But how do the Twins compare to the rest of the baseball teams on another important scale, the price of beer? Today TMR announced how beer prices compare across major league baseball by rating the teams based on how much an ounce of beer costs. According to TMR, the most expensive beer can be found at Fenway Park where you will pay about $.60 an ounce which is over twice what you would pay for an ounce of beer at Angel Stadium of Anaheim where it goes for $.28 an ounce, a MLB low. At Target Field the Twins have the 12th highest price at $.38 an ounce which the same price that you can expect to pay in Colorado, Baltimore, and Milwaukee. You can check out how the teams compare by going here. While you are there, check out their chart on how beer prices have changed since 1999. With the weather being as hot as it is and the Twins play being what it is, a cold beer or two or three can help you get through those tough days at the ballpark.

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