This Day in Twins History – July 25, 1977

Native Minnesotan Dave Goltz - Twins pitcher from 1972 - 1979

Native Minnesotan Dave Goltz – Twins pitcher from 1972 – 1979

Coming off a double-header sweep (with the 2nd game going 12 innings) of the A’s the day before, the Twins are again going up against the boys from Oakland at Met Stadium. The game goes 11 innings before the Twins prevail 2-1 on a bases loaded single by Larry Hisle. But, the real story of the game is Twins starter Dave Goltz who pitches all 11 innings throwing 180 pitches. Goltz improves his record to 12-6 as he faces 41 batters giving up 8 hits and walking 1 while striking out 14 Oakland A’s. Rick Langford also pitched a complete game for the A’s that day but only gets credit for 10 innings pitched because the Twins scored the winning run before he retired any batters in the 11th inning. In spite of all of this, the game is over in 2 hours and 39 minutes.

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  1. Jesse Lykken says:

    180 pitches? 180? Somebody please tell Bert! Say, I was hoping you might have a way to contact former Twins third-string catcher Ron Henry. I remember riding with my folks in 1964 and hearing on the radio Mr. Henry hit his only major league triple. Halsey Hall went semi-wild, and a good time was had by all. Such a nice memory. I would like to tell Mr. Henry that a then-nine year old boy thought he was pretty cool. Thanks for the interesting blog!

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