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Kyle Gibson

Kyle Gibson

Kyle Gibson defeated the Royals and struck out five batters in his first game in the major leagues yesterday. Only two other Twins pitchers started and won their major-league debut while striking out five or more batters since the team moved in Minnesota in 1961: Bert Blyleven in 1970 at RFK Stadium against the Senators and Darrell Jackson in 1978 at Metropolitan Stadium against the Tigers; they each had seven strikeouts.

Gibson becomes the first Twins first-round draft pick to win his major league debut, nine others have tried and failed. Gibson joins Anthony Swarzak (5/23/09), Dave Gassner (4/16/05), Eric Milton (4/5/98), Scott Erickson (6/25/90), Darrell Jackson (6/16/78), Roger Erickson (4/6/78), Paul Thormodsgard (4/10/77), Pete Redfern (5/15/76) and Bert Blyleven (6/5/70) as Twins starters that have earned a win in their MLB debut.

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