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After last nights win over the Angels the Twins announced that they have placed outfielder Darin Mastroianni on the 15-day disabled list with a stress reaction in his left ankle.. The Twins recalled Oswaldo Arcia to replace Mastroianni on the 25-man roster. Arcia made his major league debut on Monday night against the Angels, going 1-for-3, before being sent back to Rochester after the game. One of the oddities of Arcia’s major league debut was that Arcia was assigned number 31 but wore 42 on Jackie Robinson Day in his first game, on April 15, 2013.

I didn’t have tickets for tonight’s Twins versus Angels game that was postponed because of the weather but if I did, I would have been pretty irritated with the Twins for waiting until almost game time to call the game. The weather was questionable all day and the weather prognosticators have been saying for several days that it was going to be cold with rain, sleet and snow predicted for late Wednesday and beyond but yet the Twins waited until the last minute. To me that shows a complete disregard for the fans that have wasted their time, gas and in many cases parking money to arrive at the ballpark only to find the game had been postponed. This is not the first time this scenario of a last minute postponement by the Twins has taken place as it has happened to me before. Sure you get to go to another game but what about the money you blew on parking which isn’t cheap not to mention the gas. I know that the Angels will have to make another trip in to Minnesota but why punish the baseball fan for bad scheduling and bad decisions by ballclubs? The Twins have once again let their fans down.

The other day Tim Dierkes over at MLBTrade Rumors posted the highest paid player on each team and I took his info and rearranged it slightly and am reposting it here. You can catch the original post at MLBTrade Rumors here. Keep in mind that this is not a list of the highest paid players playing today, it is simply a list of the highest paid player on each team at the present time. Keep in mind too that some of these players salaries are being paid not only by the team they are currently with but possibly also by their previous teams and in some cases some of these players may not even play for their team this season due to being injured. It is an interesting list. Ricky Nolasco is making over 50% of the entire Marlins payroll. Bud Norris is the highest paid Astro at $3 million. A couple of former Twins players on this list too.


TEAM Player Dollars
1 Yankees Alex Rodriguez $29 MM
2 Phillies Cliff Lee $27.5 MM
3 Mets Johan Santana $26.4 MM
4 Twins Joe Mauer $23 MM
4 Tigers Prince Fielder $23 MM
6 Giants Tim Lincecum $22.125 MM
7 Dodgers Adrian Gonzalez $21.9 MM
8 Mariners Felix Hernandez $19.9 MM
9 Cubs Alfonso Soriano $19 MM
9 Reds Joey Votto $19 MM
11 Cardinals Matt Holliday $17.1 MM
12 Angels Josh Hamilton $17 MM
13 Nationals Jason Werth $16.6 MM
14 Pirates AJ Burnett $16.5 MM
15 Rangers Adrian Beltre $16 MM
15 Red Sox John Lackey $16 MM
17 White Sox John Danks $15.75 MM
18 Orioles Nick Markakis $15.7 MM
19 BJays Jose Bautista $14.2 MM
20 Braves Dan Uggla $13.2 MM
21 Royals Ervin Santana $12.75 MM
22 Marlins Rick Nolasco $11.5 MM
23 Brewers Rickie Weeks $11 MM
23 Indians Nick Swisher $11 MM
25 Rockies Jorge De La Rosa & Michael Cuddyer $10.5 MM
25 Padres Carlos Quentin $10.5 MM
27 Rays David Price $10.1 MM
28 Dbacks Miguel Montero $10 MM
29 A’s Chris Young $9 MM
30 Astros Bud Norris $3 MM

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